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[Incomplete] Endrance and Haseo

Characters: Endrance and Haseo
Location: The streets of ScurvyTown
Time of Day: Afternoon
Week # / Day #: Week 1 / Day 1
Warnings: It's the engageds, beware of shounen-ai and PDA out the wazoo

[ooc: From here]

Endrance had no more of an idea which way they were supposed to go than Haseo did. But he didn't care. All Endrance wanted was some more time alone to talk with Haseo. Yes, 'talk,' but also talk. 'Talk' had gotten them into a bit of trouble the last time, after all.

Endrance clung to Haseo's shoulders as much as he dared, reminding himself that the younger boy still needed room to move. As they walked--slowly, given Haseo's worry for Endrance's health and the physical obstructions of each refusing to let go of the other--a silence settled in, growing more distinct as it stretched on.

Finally, Endrance couldn't stand it any longer. Weren't they doing this to get more time to talk? He grabbed the first thought that came into his mind. "I...apologise if I startled you...before," he said. Endrance was referring to having tackled Haseo on the bench, but his apology was vague enough that it could have been mistaken for any number of things.


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Feb. 21st, 2008 12:45 pm (UTC)
The trouble with finally getting time alone with Endrance was that now that he had the opportunity to talk, all of the things he wanted to say, lined up so neatly when Kuhn had been present, were jammed together in his throat, trying to get spoken at the same time. From the vague and potentially insulting “What the hell is going on with you?” all the way down to the calmer, more directed, emotionally naked appeal of “Endrance, I’m really confused. I thought you hated me and now you’re acting like you don’t and it’s getting hopes up that I’m scared are going to be crushed.” What was going to emerge the victor and escape first, Haseo didn’t know and was almost afraid to find out. Just as he was afraid to even broach the subject in the first place.

Subjectively speaking, things were going well between them. Confusing, yes, but confusing was preferable to the hissing and snarling that usually made up the majority of their conversations. Asking Endrance about his change of heart seemed doomed to erase all of the progress they’d made today, as if by bringing attention to his actions, Endrance might realize how he’d been acting and quickly stop. It was a stupid worry, but Haseo was always wary of the inevitable moment when his relationships with others would combust.

Haseo was fishing through the comments and questions yammering for attention, trying to find the most neutral and least likely to incite offense, when Endrance apologized, effectively silencing all of his options. What was he talking about? Their less-than-pleasant encounter at the grunty’s place?

Shrugging the shoulder attached to the arm carrying the bag, Haseo shook his head. “You don’t have to apologize for that. Not unless you want me to apologize, too. If it hadn’t been you, it would’ve been me. You were just faster, that’s all.”

Now that he was talking, the words started to sort themselves out. “Listen, Endrance, about the food,” Haseo began tentatively, trying to ease into the conversation by starting with the last source of contention between them and making peace. “I don’t know what it was like at your house, but I’m not going to pry and make you do or say anything you don’t want to, okay? If all you want is tea, you can have all the tea you can drink. But if there’s anything else you want, anything at all, it’s on me, okay? That’s the last thing I’m going to say about it.”
Feb. 22nd, 2008 05:49 am (UTC)
Endrance had not expected Haseo to be so casually nonchalant about having been tackled in public. Perhaps he was innocent of the more intimate motivating thoughts that had forced Endrance on him. That made him feel even more guilty.

But...what? If it had not been Endrance, it would have been Haseo? Was he really saying what Endrance thought he was saying? "You mean...you wanted to...as well?" Endrance's tone was only vaguely hopeful. He remembered how Haseo had squawked and struggled--it had been bothering Endrance the more time passed since the incident. He'd been starting to think he had forced it on Haseo completely.

But now...Haseo would have done it to him? The mental images this conjured made Endrance feel light-headed again, but he had Haseo to use as a crutch this time.

A frown immediately turned down the corners of Endrance's mouth when Haseo brought up the subject of food. At least his fiance wasn't nagging him, but the entire subject had become unpleasant to Endrance now. Still, he was offering so gently--and knowing Haseo's temper, that meant a lot. "Well..." Endrance began hesitantly. "Perhaps...for you, I will attempt to eat a little something..."

Endrance quietly pondered if he could get Haseo to feed him the way his father did. For years it had been the best way to get Endrance to eat, so Hojo had not given it up in spite of Endrance's age or Lucrecia's protests that it was ridiculous and unnecessarily spoiling.

Still...Haseo had said it was 'on him'. Would he object so much to being used as a plate or spoon?
Feb. 22nd, 2008 12:21 pm (UTC)
Something about the wording of the question and the tone in which it was asked alerted Haseo to the possibility of having misunderstood the topic of Endrance's apology. He might not understand the nuances of interpersonal relationships, but Haseo didn't think Endrance would be in any way pleased about his wanting to start a fight. So what did that leave? Something that had startled him? What was- Oh. Like all incredibly obvious things, being enthusiastically kissed by Endrance on the bench was so outside the realm of the ordinary that Haseo had completely overlooked it.

The damnable blush came back with a vengeance as Haseo tried to figure out how to respond. He could admit that he had misunderstood the apology and run the risk of embarrassing them both. He could keep going with it and prevent himself from looking like an idiot. Or he could change the subject. There were pros and cons to each choice and if he drug out his answer for too long, he would end up hurting Endrance’s feelings anyway. Using the mental equivalent of Close-My-Eyes-And-Pick-One, Haseo chose at random and, coincidentally to his conscious mind and as planned by his subconscious, took the next step on the path of making sacrifices for Endrance’s well-being and comfort he had begun walking back in the grunty’s place when he’d paid Edward’s bill in Endrance’s stead.

“Yes,” Haseo replied, more confidently than he actually felt. “Look, I know I’m not good at that sort of thing.” Shut up! Don’t admit you’re an idiot so casually! At least have the dignity to pretend! “But I haven’t had that much experience with people,” his mouth continued, unheeding his pride’s command to blame his inexperience on being caught by surprise. Idly, the part of Haseo’s mind not currently occupied with being mortified that he was talking about this wondered if it was possible for his face to explode. It felt like it was going to.

The ground became an object of great visual interest. “I’ve never... That was the first...” Haseo scowled, irritated with himself. He wanted, no, he needed to talk to Endrance and he knew that involved being honest about his thoughts and feelings. But it was harder to do than he thought it’d be. He should have changed the subject and taken the easy way out. Haseo lapsed into silence, not knowing how to continue or conclude his broken statement. “It wouldn’t have been right if it hadn’t been you,” Haseo mumbled finally, compelled to keep being honest even if he didn’t want to be.

There are phrases, deeply imbedded in the human psyche, with the power to cause unlimited trouble to those foolish enough to speak them aloud. On one level or another, everyone is aware of them. What else can go wrong? and It can’t get any worse than this! are the most insidious. But there are others, equally dangerous and just as impossible to take back.

Haseo had had a long day, full of unexpected twists and turns, laden with emotional upheaval. He was trying to be honest. And, even worse for him, he was trying to do the right thing. So it was with the best of intentions that he opened the door wide for whatever trouble wished to visit.

He looked up from the road when Endrance mentioned eating. “Only if you want to,” Haseo told him, before speaking the words that would give Endrance the excuse to never listen to anything he said and arm him with something to throw back in Haseo’s face should he need it during an argument. “Don’t let me bully you into anything you don’t want to do.”
Feb. 22nd, 2008 06:40 pm (UTC)
So...that awkwardness had been...because Haseo was inexperienced? Something thrilled in Endrance at that. He could teach Haseo all of the little things he'd learned at the hands (and lips) of older boys before he'd been cut off from the world for that exact reason.

Things changed when Haseo admitted that had been his first kiss, however. Endrance felt terrible. To be tackled like that...and in public...what sort of experience was he creating for his little wife-to-be?

"Oh, Haseo." Endrance stopped and turned to face him, his expression full of regret. Completely touched by the younger boy's confession that he'd wanted his first kiss to be with Endrance, the taller boy pulled him close for a gentle embrace. "I must apologise...for my earlier enthusiasm. You poor thing." One hand gently ghosted over Haseo's cheek as Endrance stepped back to look him in the eye. "If I had known..." There seemed a huge vacuum of ignorance between them that needed filling. It would have changed so much.

"First kisses should be gentle and sweet. And always brief. Just long enough to make you think you'd like to try again sometime, but not so passionate as to frighten you away from others. I...am sorry, Haseo." Endrance bent down and pressed his lips chastely against the other boy's, both as apology and to show him how it should have been. After a heartbeat, Endrance straightened and smoothed his hair in an unconscious gesture.

"I...would not have thought you'd want to...with me, your first time," Endrance spoke softly, his eyes avoiding Haseo's gaze. "I would have thought you hated me. After everything..."

"I do not care much for food," Endrance admitted when Haseo hedged further on insisting he eat. "But it's not good for me to never eat ever." The words were spoken oddly, as if it were an adage that had been repeated to him over and over again. In fact, it was. From an early age, his father had used it as part of a routine to get Endrance to eat. His lips curved in a fond smile when Haseo talked of bullying him. As if he could. Endrance was incredibly stubborn--but he was not about to list his faults for his fiance just now. "Perhaps," he said. "But I do not object to being wheedled from time to time." The true meaning of 'do not object' showed in a mischievous twinkle in Endrance's eyes as the smile remained. He enjoyed being importuned for things--if it was done properly.
Feb. 22nd, 2008 11:58 pm (UTC)
When Endrance stopped, Haseo did as well, wondering if Endrance was feeling faint or if he’d inadvertently upset him. It was becoming increasingly clear to Haseo that where Endrance was concerned, he was always going to feel as if he was on the verge of making the misstep that would alienate them again. It put him on edge, made him anxious and more cautious than he would have been otherwise. But it did help him keep his temper on a leash.

The embrace was unexpected, but he didn’t move away from it. He might even have tentatively returned it had his bag not hampered his arm. Yet instead of just standing there, Haseo took the middle ground and leaned into the embrace, resting his head briefly against Endrance’s chest. Then he was stepped back, opening up a void between them that Haseo found surprisingly jarring. It was moderated, just barely, by the touch on his cheek.

Looking into Endrance’s eyes, listening to him describe what a first kiss ought to be, Haseo was still surprised when he kissed him again. It was gentle and slow and was over almost before he knew it was happening. It was completely different from the kiss on the bench. And it left him breathless. Right then, in that moment that would remain crystallized in his memory for the rest of his life, Haseo knew that he could spend a lifetime kissing Endrance, and each time it would be as if it were the first.

“You didn’t frighten me,” Haseo corrected him. “I just never thought you'd... I wasn’t prepared. You’ve got nothing to be sorry for.”

He let go of the bag when Endrance looked away from him, broaching the subject Haseo had been so loathe to discuss, and reached out to him, lightly touching his face so that Endrance would look at him again. The last thing Haseo wanted to do was tell him the truth. For years he had kept it hidden, buried beneath the countless lies he had told; with his words, his actions, the way he lived his life, Haseo had denied the truth. Once spoken, there would be no going back, no way to reclaim the facade. If there was a moment of truth to be found in all of this, this was it.

Haseo took a deep breath, steeling himself for the task ahead. “I didn’t hate you. Well, no, I did, but it wasn’t like that,” he amended after a pause, forcing himself not to look away from Endrance. “Not really. It was... It hurt to lose you. And it was just easier to hate you than it was to keep hurting and moping around. One day I just stopped. I got angry,” Haseo smiled sheepishly. “I get angry a lot. It’s the only way I know how to deal with the world. So I got angry. And I took my feelings and I turned them inside-out and I told myself that from then on I’d hate you. I did a good job of convincing everyone, even myself. But it wasn’t hatred. The feelings didn’t go away. They just got easier to ignore.”

Now that the secret was out, Haseo’s hand dropped back to his side and he looked away. It was both a relief and a burden to have finally told Endrance the truth. He wouldn’t have to pretend anymore, but he also couldn’t pretend anymore. It was as troubling as it was liberating.

Haseo brightened at the mention of wheedling. He was a wholehearted subscriber to the myriad forms of bribery, delinquent cousin to the more elegant wheedle. For a slice of pie, Haseo could be talked around to practically anything, as long as it didn’t go against his inherent laziness. If the aim was to make him get off his ass and do something productive, then the amount of pie needed to bribe him into action was directly proportional to the amount of effort it would cost him. Throughout the course of his childhood, Haseo had weaseled more pies out of his parents than the last five generations of his family had eaten in their collective lifetime.

“Now you’re speaking my language,” Haseo said to Endrance, going so far as to allow a slight grin to grace his lips.
Feb. 23rd, 2008 06:39 pm (UTC)
Endrance disagreed, feeling he had quite a bit to apologise to Haseo for, but he held his peace. It would only embarrass Haseo further if Endrance insisted that his behaviour earlier had been inappropriate. Clearly Haseo was trying to gloss over the awkwardness as best he could. Only Endrance knew how 'unprepared' Haseo had truly been, and he could easily keep that to himself.

Startled by the light, unexpected touch on his cheek, Endrance glanced back at Haseo, held by the look of pained determination in his eyes. When Haseo admitted he had hated him, Endrance's heart sank. Of course he had. Who wouldn't have with such treatment? Endrance did not hear all of what Haseo said, lost in his own thoughts and guilt.

It was good to know his bad temper was a coping mechanism. Endrance was still not certain just how to deal with it, but it helped to know it wasn't just an unpleasant disposition he would have to live with. Mulling this over, Endrance missed the subtle implication of Haseo turning his feelings inside-out. So he wasn't certain exactly what feelings Haseo had been ignoring with his anger, just that Endrance had broken his child's heart and Haseo had never recovered.

Endrance didn't know what to say. He couldn't justify it now, the way he'd treated Haseo. It all seemed stupid now, and he might have scarred the younger boy's personality for life. There was nothing Endrance could say, but he still had to do something. "Haseo." All of Endrance's guilt and regret, the unspoken apologies filled his tone as Endrance spoke Haseo's name. Then he was pulling the younger boy into a second, more firm embrace, just holding him as the guilt overwhelmed Endrance.

Once they were moving again, discussing food and bullying versus wheedling, Endrance raised an eyebrow at Haseo's grin. It was nice to see him wearing an expression other than a scowl. "Oh?" Was Haseo saying he also liked to be wheedled into things, or that he enjoyed doing so? Endrance could not help but return a small smile for the grin.
Feb. 24th, 2008 02:04 am (UTC)
Haseo didn’t know what he expected to come from his admission. Mockery, perhaps? Endrance telling him that this had all been a joke? Something unpleasant, surely. Unlike the more imaginative people who saw the glass as either half-full or half-empty, Haseo had spent the last decade viewing the glass as empty, firmly believing that if he saw something in it, it was just his eyes playing tricks on him. It was easier that way. Unpleasant occurrences were anticipated and met with belligerence, and pleasant ones happened so rarely that they were a surprise. Haseo may not have been able to handle surprises well, but he preferred them to being disappointed and made to feel bad.

Being pulled into an embrace again qualified as a surprise. If he was being honest with himself, Haseo would have admitted that Endrance as a whole qualified as a surprise, no matter what transpired between them. He couldn’t read everything in the way Endrance said his name, but the ghost of little boy he’d once been that still lurked in a forgotten corner of his mind could and responded to it without waiting for the rest of him to catch on.

Without the bag weighing him down, Haseo returned the embrace, putting his arms around Endrance with none of the hesitation he’d felt previously. The world can stop now, Haseo thought, leaning his head against Endrance’s chest again and closing his eyes. The ship, the job, his parents, it could all just go away. In this moment, for the first time in years, he was happy. It would end, as all things did, but he wanted to hold on to it for as long as he could.

“I missed you.” The whispered words slipped out of their own accord. Focused on being right here, in the moment, Haseo wasn’t even aware of speaking.

After they had started walking again, heading toward the tavern that was evolving into an enemy with each step that took them closer to it, and Endrance had responded to his grin with a smile, Haseo was encouraged enough to elaborate. “Yeah. It’s easier on everybody when everyone’s getting something out of the bargain. One of the more useful things I learned from my parents.”
Feb. 24th, 2008 02:29 am (UTC)
Haseo saying he'd missed him...and the way he said it just broke Endrance's heart in pieces. There was so much to apologise for, and no excuse at all for what he had allowed to happen all these years. Endrance wanted to weep with shame.

"'seo." His voice was vaguely tearful as he spoke the long-unused nickname, gently stroking Haseo's hair at the back of his neck. But what was he going to say? Endrance couldn't quite decide from all the options crowding his mind. "Do you think...we will be able to make this work...?"

He wanted to. But the whole thing seemed a bit absurd after how long they'd been apart and how...suddenly they were being thrown together. There hardly seemed a reason to go through with it--apart from his father's more pragmatic ones. Not logically, anyway. There seemed to be some middle time of meeting and courtship that was missing. Endrance was not unhappy with the development, but he felt cheated of the process, somehow.

"You mean about bribery," Endrance pointed out with amusement, taking Haseo's free hand in his as they walked side by side. "All right then, Fiance," he said with a mischievous smirk. "How will you bribe me to eat?"
Feb. 24th, 2008 04:03 am (UTC)
It had been so many years since he’d heard it, Haseo almost didn’t recognize the nickname. When he did, he smiled to himself despite the tone in which Endrance had said it. “’S okay, Enny,” he murmured, the sound of his own childhood name resurrecting the one he had used for Endrance.

Could they make it work? The odds seemed stacked against them. People who had been in love for years, who dreamt of the day they would get married, often split up. What hope had two people who had not had that luxury, whose marriage had been arranged by their meddling parents? Not much.

“I don’t know,” he said quietly, not raising his head. It was a lot easier to talk about his thoughts and feelings when he couldn’t actually see Endrance’s face. “All we can do is try. And that’s only if you want to. I’m not going to let them force you into getting stuck with me. If you want out of this, I can tell the old bastard to go to hell. Again. And not come back to the island. They can’t make you marry me if I’m not here.”

Haseo’s eyes narrowed in determination as he spoke. No, he wouldn’t let that happen. Endrance deserved to be happy, to be free to make his own decisions, not used as a pawn in their parents’ game. Endrance would only get married if and when he wanted to, to whomever he wanted to. Haseo would make sure of that.

Holding hands with Endrance reminded him of their childhood. The way Endrance was smirking at him cast a whole new light on the experience. Was Endrance flirting with him? Haseo had heard about flirting. It was a topic Sora, the slutty sibling as far as Haseo was concerned, never shut up about. But he had no idea how to recognize it or go about doing it.

How would he bribe Endrance to eat? What did Endrance like? Obviously not food. So what? Haseo came very close to saying something about brushing Endrance’s hair but at the last minute swerved away from mentioning it. Endrance’s hair had been the start of their troubles when they were children. “I could get you presents,” Haseo hazarded. Presents were like inedible food. Unfortunately, Haseo’s knowledge of possible presents came from overhearing his mother talk about things the old bastard had gotten her. “Flowers. Jewelry. I’d say chocolate but that’s kind of like food. Um... Expensive tea?”
Feb. 24th, 2008 10:26 pm (UTC)
It wasn't okay. Goodness it had been a long time since anyone had called him that. But if Haseo was forgiving him...Endrance was not about to look gift redemption in the mouth.

Words of objection stuck in Endrance's throat when Haseo began to talk about being stuck with him and how they could get out of the arrangement. That wasn't what he'd wanted at all. "No!" he cried out at last, when Haseo was talking of running away. His arms tightened around the shorter boy as if Endrance would hold him prisoner if he tried to run. "Do not leave me!"

Endrance leaned his cheek against the top of Haseo's head. "Please," his voice softened. "I do not want to be cast aboard a ship full of women and dragged so far away from you as it is. But...if there is no 'seo to come back to...I could not bear it at all." Yes, they would try. And if the force of Haseo's anger and Endrance's guilt could be put behind the effort, they were sure to succeed.

In spite of having been locked away for so long, Endrance had a natural aptitude toward flirting--when he deigned to bestow it upon someone. Years of having only a computer and his cat for company had allowed him to hone his verbal skills, as well.

Endrance wrinkled his nose when Haseo offered presents. His family was going bankrupt, and even so, there was no bauble he wanted that his father could not afford or would not buy for him. Jewelry he had aplenty. Flowers were the family business. And chocolate...awful stuff. Expensive tea sounded more like it, but none were what Endrance wanted from Haseo.

"Not good enough," he teased lightly, shaking his head. "Try again." Endrance gave Haseo's hand a little squeeze so that he would know it was teasing, and not fly off on another tirade.
Feb. 25th, 2008 12:31 pm (UTC)
The vehemence of Endrance’s objection was startling. Haseo had thought Endrance would be reassured by his willingness to ensure that they did not end up married solely for the sake of their parents’ schemes. It didn’t sound like he was reassured. It didn’t feel like he was reassured, either. Not if the way he was suddenly holding onto him as if he was about to leave right now had any correlation with what he was saying.

“I’m not leaving now,” Haseo said, surprising himself by not trying to squirm away. “And later?” He shrugged away the relevance of setting out on a ship with an Endrance-shaped hole in its crew. “It’s been what, ten years? I’ve been right here all this time. You think a little water’s going to change that?” No matter what their relationship, no matter how many times they bickered and argued, no matter where he was in the world, Haseo would always be there for Endrance when he needed him. And even when he didn’t.

Although Haseo did not know Endrance’s reasons for not wanting to be trapped on board a ship full of women, he could understand his trepidation. Women were among the many things Haseo had no hope of ever understanding. They said and did things for no apparent reason. They took offense at things that weren’t the least bit offensive. They didn’t take offense to the things that were purposely offensive. They were always out to change everyone. And from what he’d observed, they seemed to view every situation as an opportunity for romance. That he couldn’t look at one of them without hearing the old bastard’s unhelpful suggestions about the ways in which he could while away a few hours in the company of one or more ladies didn’t help matters.

“Edward does know you’re not a woman, right?” Haseo asked curiously. “I mean, I don’t see why she’d want a man on her crew if everyone else is a woman. They’d just spend all of their time sighing and gossiping and fighting over who got to talk with you and whose turn it was to seduce you. She can’t possibly think any work’s going to get done! Maybe she misunderstood something your parents said when they set this up.”

Not good enough? Did he mean the types of presents Haseo was talking about? Or did he mean presents themselves? The squeezing of his hand halted any assumptions that Endrance was implying that he was not good enough. So now what? Endrance obviously wouldn’t want food. He had turned down money when Haseo hadn’t been trying to bribe him. He didn’t want presents. What else did people bribe other people with? Flattery, favors, and sex came to mind. Having experienced Haseo’s ineptitude with kissing, Endrance couldn’t possibly want him to promise the latter. So that left flattery and favors.

“Well, I can compare your beauty to-” Haseo looked around for something suitably beautiful, not being enough of a poet to make up a comparison, and frowned when he realized that they were walking down a particularly unattractive street. “-absolutely nothing on this ugly street. Right. What about favors? I can bribe you with favors.”
Feb. 25th, 2008 08:57 pm (UTC)
Endrance couldn't quite grasp Haseo's reassurance. He'd hardly been 'right here' for ten years. Literally, physically, perhaps. But not as part of Endrance's life. Not in a way he could hold on to now. Unless... "You mean...you have been waiting ten years...for me...?" If that was true, why had he not made more of an effort to make contact again? Why had he not come to the tower window to sing love ballads in the middle of the night? Why had he not--no, none of that was fair. Endrance had put up quite a wall of disgusted disdain. Still, if he had ever thought...

"She should," Endrance answered Haseo's question about Captain Edward. He was not used to having his gender mistaken, but his father usually prepared for any possibility. And it was not his sense of humour to let Endrance be mistaken intentionally.

Endrance blanched when Haseo described some of the joy he thought being on a ship full of women would hold for him. He felt faint again at the awful scene Haseo painted, groaning softly and holding to the other boy's shoulders so that he would not collapse again. "I...do not know," Endrance said faintly.

When Haseo attempted to flatter him, he had Endrance's attention. He had not been expecting that. Endrance had to hide a smile when the attempt immediately failed. They would have to work on that. "Favours?" he said slowly. "What sort of favours?"

From what he could see of the path ahead, they were coming up on the bar where they were supposed to meet Captain Kuhn. Endrance was not as distressed at reaching the end of their journy as he had been. At least he would get to go aboard the ship before his own set sail. All other thoughts he pushed aside for the moment. One bit at a time.
Feb. 26th, 2008 12:06 pm (UTC)
With only himself for company, Haseo had spent his life ignoring the responsibilities people liked to claim he had, setting up boundaries between himself and everyone else by being as unpleasant as possible, and developing a philosophy on life that was cynical, irreverent, and faintly mocking. He believed that everyone had something over which they acted stupid; some of the more idiotic people, for instance his mother, had more than one. Even when he’d hated him, Haseo knew that Endrance was his. He just hadn’t been aware of how deep it ran until now.

“Yeah, well,” Haseo answered, using both of his customary means of expression by adding a frown to his shrug. “You know how it is.”

When Endrance grabbed onto his shoulders and groaned, Haseo looked up at him with alarm. He was looking pale again and his voice sounded as if it were coming from far away. Assessing the symptoms correctly, Haseo deduced that he was feeling faint again. Taking stock of the last few minutes, he incorrectly assumed that it was because they’d been standing out here in the sun instead of continuing on to the tavern.

Haseo nodded in the direction they had been headed. “Come on. We need to get you inside.”

It was only when they had gotten closer to his destination did it occur to him to wonder if taverns carried tea. He knew that they had alcohol and food. But tea? Looking around, Haseo marked establishments in the vicinity that might carry tea if the tavern didn’t, or know where to find some. Once Endrance was sitting down, he could always go scavenge for tea.

What sort of favors? “Just about anything really. Unless it involves working,” Haseo amended, grimacing at the thought of honest labor. “I’m not really good at that.”
Feb. 27th, 2008 07:54 pm (UTC)
In fact, Endrance did not 'know how it was,' but he was still too distressed at the thought of a ship full of women chasing him around with no escape to comment further.

He allowed himself to be led into the bar, clinging gratefully to Haseo for more reasons than one.

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