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[Incomplete] Endrance and Haseo

Characters: Endrance and Haseo
Location: The streets of ScurvyTown
Time of Day: Afternoon
Week # / Day #: Week 1 / Day 1
Warnings: It's the engageds, beware of shounen-ai and PDA out the wazoo

[ooc: From here]

Endrance had no more of an idea which way they were supposed to go than Haseo did. But he didn't care. All Endrance wanted was some more time alone to talk with Haseo. Yes, 'talk,' but also talk. 'Talk' had gotten them into a bit of trouble the last time, after all.

Endrance clung to Haseo's shoulders as much as he dared, reminding himself that the younger boy still needed room to move. As they walked--slowly, given Haseo's worry for Endrance's health and the physical obstructions of each refusing to let go of the other--a silence settled in, growing more distinct as it stretched on.

Finally, Endrance couldn't stand it any longer. Weren't they doing this to get more time to talk? He grabbed the first thought that came into his mind. "I...apologise if I startled you...before," he said. Endrance was referring to having tackled Haseo on the bench, but his apology was vague enough that it could have been mistaken for any number of things.
Tags: complete, endrance, haseo, week 1
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