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[Incomplete] Open to everyone!

Characters: Cid, Endrance, Haseo, Hikaru, Jack Sparrow, and Kaoru (so far)
Location: Cid's Goddamned Tavern
Time of Day: Late afternoon
Week # / Day #: Week 1 / Day 1
Warnings: TBA

[ooc: From here]

In spite of the reason for his faintness, Endrance did begin to feel a bit better once they were out of the sun. He did not, however, loosen his arms from their position draped around Haseo's shoulders.

Although the tavern was crammed full of the most interesting denizens of ScurvyTown--including the infamous town drunk, who lay passed out in a corner, farting and snoring loudly--Endrance's attention was fully on his fiance as Haseo told him he would do any sort of favour to get him to eat something. Endrance smirked and leaned in closer to the younger boy, eyelids drooping to half-mast. "But are you willing to work for my favour, Haseo?"
Tags: allen walker, cid highwind, endrance, haseo, hikaru hitachiin, incomplete, jack sparrow, kaoru hitachiin, kristoph gavin, kuhn, phoenix wright, rabi, week 1
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