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[Incomplete] Open to everyone!

Characters: Cid, Endrance, Haseo, Hikaru, Jack Sparrow, and Kaoru (so far)
Location: Cid's Goddamned Tavern
Time of Day: Late afternoon
Week # / Day #: Week 1 / Day 1
Warnings: TBA

[ooc: From here]

In spite of the reason for his faintness, Endrance did begin to feel a bit better once they were out of the sun. He did not, however, loosen his arms from their position draped around Haseo's shoulders.

Although the tavern was crammed full of the most interesting denizens of ScurvyTown--including the infamous town drunk, who lay passed out in a corner, farting and snoring loudly--Endrance's attention was fully on his fiance as Haseo told him he would do any sort of favour to get him to eat something. Endrance smirked and leaned in closer to the younger boy, eyelids drooping to half-mast. "But are you willing to work for my favour, Haseo?"


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Feb. 27th, 2008 09:41 pm (UTC)
The shade of the tavern was welcome compared to the bright sun outside. Hikaru had removed his bandanna and his hair was tousled and untidy. From his seat at the bar beside his brother he watched past his bangs and kept an eye on the crowd, looking for opportunities.

Normally they could drink most anyone off their bar stool, and get some good information - amongst other things - from them while they were at it. However, for the time being, they practised on one another. Hikaru's mind was still clear as he downed his fifth glass in perfect synch with his brother and glanced outside. There was a lot of time til sundown. A lot of time to drink in. Idly he wondered who would be being carrying whom out of the bar tonight. Sparrow, he knew, would probably be thrown out and not budge until the following morning, and even then he'd crawl right back onto his stool.

There. He caught them coming in out of the corner of his eye, watched them canoodling, and he nudged Kaoru gently before he slipped off his stool and slid easily into the crowd, taking his bandanna and his glass with him. Things had suddenly got interesting.

Feb. 27th, 2008 10:41 pm (UTC)
Despite the fact that it was crowded, it was a relatively calm afternoon at the Goddamned Tavern. There had only been one brawl that Cid had needed to break up, and it was just a couple of punk-ass kids who had grabbed one too many drinks, fighting over whose mother was fatter than the other, or some sort of similar, punk-ass bullshit kids nowadays fought over. All he had to do was look at them and they scurried out the door with their tail between their legs--they just didn't make punks like they used to. Back in Cid's day, he'd have punched the owner at least once before making a run for it.

Ah, well. It made his life easier that the little brats were all talk.

He glanced up from cleaning a glass in his hands when he heard the door open, and saw a couple of newcomers stumble in through the door, the more feminine one hanging over the other in a ridiculous fashion. Damn fags. The two were obviously better off than the rest of them, being that they were fairly well-groomed and their clothes didn't look severely patched up. Also, the fact that Cid hadn't seen them before (or cared enough to remember) probably meant that they had better things to do with their time (and money) than hang out in a tavern with a bunch of hooligans.

Good for their prissy asses, then. Still despite the fact that he was curious just what a couple of moneybags were doing here, he kept himself quiet and allowed himself to see what would happen.

A small smirk played on his lips as he saw one of the twins (Kangaroo? Heegaloo? Damn.) rise from his seat and slip through the customers to 'greet' them. While he didn't quite like being the butt of the twins' teasing (it usually ended in some bruises), he did enjoy watching others getting tormented.

This was gonna be funny.
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Mar. 1st, 2008 01:06 pm (UTC)
It wasn’t ad enough that they were all looking at him. Now they were talking to him, too! Haseo looked at Endrance hopefully, but then sighed and turned back to the tavern at large. As much as he wanted to pass this off onto Endrance and let him deal with these people, Haseo couldn’t quite bring himself to do it. Already the disadvantages of not giving a damn about anyone else were becoming apparent.

The guy behind the bar, Haseo assumed that that was Cid, was the easiest one to answer. Since he was the one who got customers their orders, Haseo could justify his talking to them. It was business. Business was understandable. Of course, answering Cid provided its own set of dilemmas. He could call back to him and inform the rest of the place about their business. He could go over to the bar and speak with Cid more quietly, leaving Endrance alone at the table. Endrance wanted tea, but did taverns sell tea? And what about him? Haseo had spent so much time focused on getting Endrance to the place and figuring out a way to coax him to eat something that he hadn’t given a thought to what he wanted.

The guy at the nearby table, after having the audacity to talk to them, was now staring at them in a decidedly untrustworthy manner. No, Haseo wasn’t going to get up and abandon Endrance to whatever this guy had in mind.

“Tea please, if you have it,” Haseo answered Cid, speaking just loudly enough for Cid to hear him and not a bit more. “Something light if you don’t. And for me, um... whatever you recommend.”

Then he turned to the nosey guy. “None of your damn business,” he growled in response to his question. That bit of social unpleasantness dealt with, Haseo returned his attention to Endrance.

Haseo leaned closer to Endrance so he could speak quietly. The attention they were getting was making him paranoid. “If Kuhn’s not back by the time we’re done with our drinks, we can go get your stuff ourselves.” And conveniently get lost and not make it back to the ship in time, Haseo added silently to himself. Being in a public place was reinforcing his distaste for the company of others. The pendulum of his opinion on becoming the member of a ship’s crew swung away from freedom from the island and went firmly back to a prison sentence.
Mar. 1st, 2008 04:55 pm (UTC)
Endrance could not believe the little redhead had the audacity to speak to them in such a way. Not only was he utterly beneath them socially and economically, but he had to be crude to boot. Endrance might have believed the ill-mannered thing was actually hitting on them had he not addressed them both in the same manner. From this Endrance could only deduce that he was attempting to mock them in some way. His best course of action in either case was to ignore the boy, something at which--Haseo could attest--Endrance was quite skilled.

So he turned a cold shoulder to the redhead, preparing to sit down as the tavern keeper echoed the boy's words and asked for their order. Endrance frowned. That did not bode well for this establishment (but perhaps the name had said it all). Given that, Haseo's order was a bit less specific than Endrance would have liked. Apart from the tea, they might have ended up with absolutely anything. And given his size and weight, Endrance did not think it was a good idea for Haseo to do any casual drinking in the afternoon. He eyed the younger boy apprehensively, considering how to correct his order without insulting him.

"Haseo." He spoke the other boy's name with a gentle tone of warning and shook his head slightly when he had Haseo's attention. Insulting ruffians in a bar was not a good idea, and it was beneath them to even speak to such people. He nodded quietly to his fiance's suggestion that they leave soon if Captain Kuhn did not arrive. With the bartender in on this, it did not bode well for the way the rest of the tavern would treat them.
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Mar. 3rd, 2008 12:05 pm (UTC)
Subtly generally went over Haseo’s head. It was easier for him to say what he meant than hint around at it, so he rarely used it. It was also easier to take what people said at face value, instead of trying to figure out if they meant it or if they meant something different. Since he didn’t usually care what people said to him, this attitude didn’t cause much trouble. Misunderstandings ended up being more embarrassing to the other person than to him.

So when Endrance said his name, Haseo looked at him expectantly, waiting for the rest of it. Nothing else was forthcoming but a small shake of his head. Haseo’s brow furrowed in confusion. Was he not supposed to order tea? Was he not supposed to order anything at all? Well, too late for that. Should he not be talking to the obnoxious guy at the table? He hadn’t told him anything about what they were doing there. In fact, Haseo thought he’d clearly communicated the desire for the guy to leave them alone. He was about to ask Endrance what he meant, thereby ruining the inconspicuous warning, when he was interrupted.

Obnoxious Guy wasn’t going away. Obnoxious Guy was getting off his stool to get closer and he was still talking to them. Apparently ‘none of your damn business’ was a little too complicated for him to understand. Normally when confronted with people he didn’t want to deal with, Haseo would just walk away. Arguing with people took too much effort and he didn’t care enough about them to bother. This time, walking away wasn’t an option.

“It’s still none of your business,” Haseo snapped, glaring at Obnoxious Guy. “Leave us alone.” With that, Haseo turned away from Obnoxious Guy. He had said all he was going to say, now he was going to ignore him.

Cid’s arrival with the drinks diffused the escalating tension. The man had passed out of the potential enemy category by his declaration that Haseo and Endrance needed to eat. Food was the great equalizer as far as Haseo was concerned. Cid had recognized that Haseo was starving, so Cid was all right in his book. And he swore. Haseo could relate to people who swore.

“Thank you, Mister Cid,” Haseo said to Cid, bringing out the manners again. He had known to call Kuhn captain, and he would until he got to know him better. Then formality would go out the proverbial window. Having had no experience with tavern keepers, Haseo settled on a generic form of address. “How much do I owe you?”
Mar. 5th, 2008 12:16 am (UTC)
He did not appreciate his brother being snapped at, though he had to give the other some credit. The shrimp wasn't an easy mark Hikaru had been afraid things would get boring pretty fast. But still. There was another great equaliser - well, more of a leveller, really - and Hikaru happened to know how to use it. Not that is was a bad thing that he was hard to get. It just made playing more interesting.

Interesting enough to merit a bit of their Hitachiin secret-recipe moonshine, anyway.

He gestured through the crowd that he would need a distraction (and that Kaoru better not get beheaded while he made it), then let the throng hide his progress towards the interlopers' table.
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Mar. 7th, 2008 12:08 pm (UTC)
Because they were in a relatively small, crowded place, and because it was not something he thought about on a frequent, or even infrequent, basis, Haseo was caught completely off guard by Endrance’s kiss. His experience limited solely to earlier that day out on the road, it had never crossed his mind that he might at some point be kissed in front of other people. Especially by Endrance. Whether it was shock or an honest, though not admitted, enjoyment of touching Endrance, Haseo did not pull away. And when the kiss ended, he just stared at Endrance in dumbfounded wonder, Obnoxious Guy forgotten.

He didn’t know whether to be embarrassed or happy about it. Haseo could feel the blush trying to inch its way over his face, but since his heart wasn’t really in it, it was having difficulty making it the entire way. Already on the receiving end of the crowd’s attention for walking into the place, Haseo knew they were being watched again. That was embarrassing. For others to see evidence of that embarrassment was annoying. But at the same time, the fact that Endrance had kissed him in front of other people - a whole tavern full of other people - was heartening. Maybe the days of frigid silence and heated insults really were at an end.

Dimly, Haseo heard Obnoxious Guy’s comment. If he hadn’t been blindsided by the kiss, Haseo would have snapped. But he was still too preoccupied to respond. Had he been a little more worldly and familiar with peoples’ mannerisms and motivations, Haseo might have suspected the reason behind Endrance’s unexpected kiss. Had he done so, he would have made a point to respond to Obnoxious Guy. Haseo was easily conditioned.

When Cid told him to wait for the food and to let him know if he wanted more beer, Haseo gave him a lopsided grin and nodded. “Thanks again, Mister Cid.”

Walking around in the sun for hours, dragging enough of his belongings with him for a sea voyage, had worked up quite a thirst. Haseo hadn’t had much experience with beer, but he had heard the old bastard claim that a cold beer was just the thing for hot days enough times that he was optimistic. Without looking, Haseo reached for the place he’d seen Cid place the beer, only to grab empty air. Surprised, Haseo glanced around. He found it further away than he thought it was, next to Endrance. Assuming that he had been mistaken, never imagining that Endrance would have taken it away from him, Haseo held out his hand.

“Pass me my drink, will you Endrance?” Haseo asked, looking at it longingly. “I’m really thirsty.”
Mar. 7th, 2008 02:06 pm (UTC)
Wow. He hadn't needed a distraction after all. He didn't think the shrimp would get distracted over a kiss. Though considering the kisser...

Hikaru took the opportunity to slip behind their table, reached through the crowd and poured the liquid into Shorty's beer with a generous hand. Not enough to knock him out before the first glass, mind you, but even if he did have a high tolerance for his size, he'd be staggering a little.

...and they were still at it.

He moved away before he had the compulsion to do something reckless, gesturing slightly to Kaoru and pulling a face -
'I certainly hope we're nothing like that' - before taking his brother's vacated seat at the bar.
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Mar. 8th, 2008 10:10 pm (UTC)
At Cid’s admonition, embarrassment won the battle and Haseo flushed what he knew was a horribly bright red. I really need to get a hat, he thought, torn between mortification and irritation at his reaction to the provocation. Hunching his shoulders slightly, Haseo settled on glaring at the table and biting his tongue against saying something that would only bring more attention down on them. Of its own volition, his hand tightened around Endrance’s.

Needing a distraction, Haseo glanced at Endrance out of the corner of his eye. How does he do it? Everyone stares at us and makes comments and he just takes it. All cool and calm, like it’s not even happening! Why can’t I do that? Calm had always been a state of being unattainable to Haseo. The mercurial temper, the wildfire flashes of irritation, the impatience; it all conspired against his being anything but a bristling bundle of irate nerves.

Haseo looked doubtfully at the teacup Endrance was offering him before reaching out and taking it. Then he peered into it, eyed the contents, and glanced up at Endrance. Now that he knew the tavern sold tea, they could always get more, but Haseo was still hesitant to drink any of it. Thirsty though he was, Endrance needed it more than he did. Still, he was very thirsty and from the way Endrance was talking, he wasn’t likely to get his own drink back any time soon.

The sip Haseo took was large enough to taste the tea yet small enough not to noticeably deplete the amount in the cup. Endrance was right, it wasn’t bad. It was, however, akin to torture. Drinking a little only served to drive home just how thirsty he was. Haseo sighed and handed the cup back.

“You’re right, it’s not bad,” Haseo agreed, applying every ounce of willpower he had not to stare longingly at the beverage he was willingly giving up. “And yeah, you’re probably right about the beer.” This admission was slightly grudging. “The last thing I want to do is make a damn fool of myself like my idiot brother.”
Mar. 9th, 2008 09:40 am (UTC)
Kaoru silently cheered in his head when Hikaru managed to slip their special concoction into the beer. He started to slip off to the side, ready to head into the crowd with another comment as soon as the shrimp had taken a sip of the beer.

Getting no reaction from either of them made the twin a bit disappointed but he consoled himself with the thought of a drugged-up shorty. However, somebody was against Hikaru and himself, and Mr. Girl had to get all protective and take it away. Well- shorty probably ask for it back, right?

No luck. Shorty took a sip of the tea instead. Kaoru resisted the urge to pout and instead made a note to terrorize the two of them if he ever saw either of them again. Guess they'd have to wait a while before somebody drank the beer.

And then Kaoru felt that he should take his leave before things got awkward with the 'gushy' vibes practically spilling off of Mr. Girl and the 'I am close to violence' aura radiating off of the shorty. He motioned to his brother and slipped off into the crowd, making himself easy to watch for a few steps and then hiding between several other patrons of the bar that had been moving around.
Mar. 9th, 2008 12:50 am (UTC)
Walking down the side street, his messenger bag resting nicely on his hip, Rabi didn't bother to push his hair back into place as small winds gently pushed them out of line. His traveler's garb moving fluently along with him, it wasn't too ratty, but nothing extravagant. The women seemed to love the air of 'mystery' it gave him and Rabi wasn't going to start complaining about the spots of attention.

Pushing open the door with a hand, he moved inside quietly his remaining eye scanning the room more so out of habit, if just to find someone that looked even relatively interesting to study, secretly of course. Even on break, Rabi was working to record anything that seemed significant. of course, the one pen and book he had with him were in his bag, but he made no move to pull them out as he sat near a strange couple. Rabi had other means of recording.

Patting the bar table, the charming redhead stated his order at the bar tender. With a finger, he tucked a long strand of hair behind his ear revealing an ear ring.
Mar. 10th, 2008 06:42 pm (UTC)
Cid frowned when the kid didn't take a taste of his beer at the persuasion of his 'partner' (or whatever the hell they called 'em), opting instead for the tea. Now, while the goddamned tea was good, Cid couldn't help but feel a little miffed that the boy wouldn't even have a sip of the beer. What, was he some sort of lightweight? Beer might as well have been water to Cid!

With an irritated grunt, Cid pushed the thought out of his mind when a new customer walked through the door. He vaguely recognized the guy, which was probably a good sign (meaning he wasn't like other hoity toits he could mention). The kid took a seat near the two moneybags and Cid nodded once he got his order, yelling at Shera for the goddamned food for his other customers in the process as he filled a drink order and slid it over to the kid.

The vague familiarity with this kid was enough to bother Cid, so he said, "You been in here before, kid?"
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Mar. 10th, 2008 06:49 pm (UTC)
Kuhn pushed through the doorway soon after the redhead before him had done the same, suitcase and parasol in hand. This guy packed surprisingly light for someone who was about to go on a voyage, didn't he? Ah, well. It wasn't Kuhn who needed to wear his clothes (and frankly, Kuhn didn't think they would be quite as becoming on him, anyway).

He located the two rather quickly, since they were quite near the door, and took a seat beside Haseo.

"That was easier than I thought," he sighed, putting the suitcase on the ground beside him and handing the parasol over the table to Endrance. "Edward says that she's short on hands, too, so I think we're just going to put our crews together on one boat."

He smiled, raising a teasing eyebrow. "I'm sure I don't need to ask if that's all right with you.
Mar. 11th, 2008 02:12 am (UTC)
Endrance was proud of Haseo for not reacting further, for clamping down on what he clearly wanted to say. Under the table, he threaded their fingers together as they continued to hold hands.

He could tell there was something wrong with Haseo concerning the tea. Did he dislike it? Was he afraid to tell Endrance so? That seemed silly; it was not as if he'd made the tea himself.

Endrance was pleased when Haseo agreed not to drink the beer just yet. He would make a good little obedient wife. "Thank you, Haseo," he leaned close to murmur before placing a soft kiss on his fiance's cheek. Even Endrance had heard some of the scandalous talk about Sora. He knew Haseo would never make a spectacle of himself like that, but if the bad example served to keep him from drinking now and becoming ill, so much the better.

"Barkeep," he raised his voice imperiously, turning to address Cid on the other side of the room. "A pot of tea, please, and one more cup." Endrance wasn't about to let Haseo die of thirst, and if tea was all he would be consuming today--as likely it would be--he wanted more than just this small cup. And so if Haseo did have a problem with the tea, he'd better say so soon.

Endrance watched with some trepidation as a young man with an eyepatch entered the tavern. Why were there so many redheads present? Wasn't that bad luck? Endrance himself had never been very superstitious, but if he was going to be a sailor soon, he thought perhaps he should try.

When Captain Kuhn finally arrived, Endrance released a breath he hadn't known he'd been holding (well, wearing a corset as he was, breathing was difficult to do in any case). He began to wave to the man, but apparently they were easily spotted in the establishment; the captain came right over. Endrance glanced quickly over his bag and parasol as Kuhn set them down, making certain everything was there and his luggage had not been scratched or banged up.

His head snapped to attention when the captain said they would be combining the crews of the Peg Leg and the Propagation. He could hardly believe it, and hoped it wasn't a joke of some sort. "Oh...I...oh...oh!" Under the table, Endrance gripped Haseo's knee in his excitement and relief. "Captain Kuhn, that is...extraordinarily good news." Out of the corner of his eye, Endrance saw the beer waiting there, having nearly forgotten about it. "We...are still waiting on our...food. Would you care for a drink?" He offered the captain Haseo's beer, feeling the older man could handle it much better than his little fiance in any case.
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Mar. 11th, 2008 03:20 am (UTC)
Kristoph wasn't one to drink often-- certainly not because he couldn't hold his alcohol, he simply preferred to keep his wits about him. On the occasions that he did drink, it was expensive, well-aged bourbon in the comfort of his own home, rather than a small tavern that he could have compiled quite a list of complaints about, if only he were prompted to do so. But Kristoph was a gentleman, so he would say the place lacked class, and leave it at that.

Still, he decided to accepted Phoenix's invitation because really, how could he possibly say no to those eyes?, nearly regretting doing so when he found himself and his young protégé standing in front of the Goddamn Tavern.

As soon as the initial urge to make up an excuse to avoid actually entering the small building subsided, Kristoph opened the door and stepped inside. Upon entering, he glanced around for a moment or two. "Not the cleanest of places, is it?" he said as he turned to Phoenix, wearing his usual smile.
Mar. 11th, 2008 07:33 am (UTC)
[ooc: ...pretend I don't totally fail and I wrote "Goddamned Tavern" instead. durrrhurrhurr.]
Mar. 12th, 2008 12:56 am (UTC)
What was this? Another red-head? Who looked mildly interesting as well. That eye patch looked like it had a story. Shifting in his seat, the twin made himself comfortable, keeping an eye on Hikaru while watching the pair, waiting for one of them to take a sip of the beer.

When Kuhn Walked into the inn, Kaoru wondered what their captain was doing there instead of getting his ship ready (though, he supposed most people enjoyed a good drink before setting sail), and what he was doing with that parasol?

When he noticed his brother's shoulders had started to tremble- just barely- he looked back at the pair and felt his stomach do a flip. If the captain took the beer... this was getting better and better as it went.
Mar. 13th, 2008 02:41 am (UTC)
The bartender wrinkled his brow as the red-haired kid denied ever visiting, perplexed for a moment but probably brushing it off. God knew that he saw enough ugly mugs in a day to mix one up for another.

Cid frowned a bit when Endrance ordered another pot of tea--what, was his beer not good enough for him?--but bit his tongue when he saw that it wouldn't go to waste. Kuhn knew good beer when it was being shoved in his face.

"I got your goddamned tea right here," Cid said, pulling the pot off the heat as he grabbed another cup and crossing over once again to the kid and his gay boyfriend. He placed the cup in front of the manlier of the two and filled it with tea, setting the kettle down on the wood.
Mar. 13th, 2008 02:49 am (UTC)
To say that Phoenix Wright was excited to be visiting the tavern near the docks would probably reveal him to be younger than he acted under normal circumstances (or, at least, the way he *tried* to act)--still, the fact remained; ever since he had signed on at the courthouse, Phoenix found himself spending less time at the docks and more time in an office. That was just part of growing up. Still, he couldn't deny the small thrill at the idea of hanging out with manly, gruff pirates...

...Extremely... scary-looking, manly, gruff pirates, he thought as he walked through the front door with his mentor, who made a comment on the cleanliness of the place. Phoenix chuckled nervously, immediately regretting the decision.

"Are you talking about the dirt, or the customers?" Phoenix asked quietly, his smile much less relaxed than that of Kristoph's.

Still, he'd come up with this idea, and it would only attract more attention to them than his bright blue suit and spiky hair already did. So, gathering up his courage, he crossed over to the bar, taking a seat beside a redhead with an eyepatch. He nodded at the other (in a way that endeavored to be manly, but really just made him look as though he were slightly constipated) and attempted to look cool as he waited for his mentor to join him.
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Mar. 13th, 2008 11:23 pm (UTC)
In terms of kissing in general, Haseo’s mental jury was still out. He was too much of a novice at it to be certain, but he thought it was going to come down on the side of bad. There was just too much invasion of personal space. How was a man supposed to establish perfectly ordinary boundaries if people were always encroaching upon it? In terms of Endrance, Haseo tentatively felt that it was an acceptable exchange for being thirsty. Why he felt this way, however, was unstable ground he was not yet prepared to explore. It was more than enough for him to feel marginally better about dying of thirst after Endrance gave him the kiss; he didn’t need to worry about why that was so.

He felt even better when Endrance announced to Cid that they needed a pot of tea and another cup. Maybe severe dehydration wasn’t lurking in his immediate future after all. That was the problem with pride. Here he was, sitting in a place designed almost exclusively for the distribution of beverages, and the desire not to look weak prevented him from requesting something other than beer.

Insight struck with the abruptness of lightning, and Haseo twisted around to look thoughtfully at Endrance. He had instinctively assumed that it was his duty, in this new dynamic that had developed between them, to look out for Endrance. Not putting up with peoples’ shit was something that came naturally to him, although he rarely ever availed himself for the benefit of others. He’d never conceived of the possibility that Endrance might also be looking out for him.

Haseo grinned. “Thanks, Endrance.” He kept his tone light and offhand, but it didn’t diminish his sincerity. “You’re a lifesaver.”

Glad though he was that Endrance’s belongings hadn’t been stolen, Kuhn’s arrival at the tavern brought all of Haseo’s mixed emotions rushing back. Now he was going to have to leave. Get on a boat with a bunch of strangers he wasn’t going to like and sail to gods only knew where. Do work he didn’t know how to do, didn’t want to know how to do, and didn’t want to do in the first place. Leave Endrance when he’d just found him again and disappear into the ocean at the behest of the old bastard and his stupid ideas.

Haseo hadn’t realized that Kuhn had been speaking, too caught up in his misery to pay attention to anyone else, and nearly jumped when Endrance grabbed his knee. “What?” He looked between Endrance and Kuhn, trying to figure out what he’d missed. “What’s going- You mean we’re going to be sailing together? That’s great!”

Uncharacteristically happy, not knowing how to deal with something in his life going right for a change, Haseo couldn’t bring himself to care that Endrance had just offered his beer to Kuhn. Maybe this voyage wouldn’t be so bad after all.
Mar. 14th, 2008 07:52 pm (UTC)
It hadn't taken long to reach Goddamned Tavern from the docks. He'd taken his time walking to kill a little time, getting a look at what might have changed in the time he was away. Allen adjusted his coat before he pressed the door open and stepped inside. He looked around subtly, flicking his gray eyes from person to person. He didn't recognize anyone so he padded over to the bar while moving through the throng with the ease of practice.

He settled in a seat by the eyepatched red head and let his shoulders fall slightly. He pushed his white hair out of his eyes as he looked at the bartender. He was quick to quietly request a beer. It just had been that kind of day. Allen kept an ear out for whatever was going on like he always did.

It never hurt to keep alert.
Mar. 14th, 2008 08:11 pm (UTC)
Taking a sip from his drink calmly, he only cast a lazy glance in the direction of the first one that sat next to him. Already he could guessimate exactly where the man just came from and how old he really was. It wasn't that hard--from the excited gaze in his eyes to the nicely pressed suite he wore, he stood out easily.

The next one that sat near him, Rabi made a mental note of looking less attention-grabbing the next time he went out before looking looking over at him. This time he had to turn his head, seeing as how the boy was in his blind spot. He smiled, knowing that blatantly staring at someone the other would expect some converation.

"Hello there."
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Mar. 15th, 2008 05:47 pm (UTC)
Kuhn's smile widened at the reaction he received, leaning back in his chair as he said, "I thought you might enjoy that bit of news. We'll be taking off..." he trailed off, trying to think of just when, and shrugged. "Well, whenever we get a notice of where we're going."

He chuckled, knowing he sounded a bit silly, even to himself.

"That is, there should be some information floating around pretty soon about just where we should be heading. I hear it might be land."

He blinked in surprise when Endrance offered him the beer, taken off-guard by this sudden display of hospitality. He couldn't help but be slightly suspicious, despite his kind nature--he was a pirate, after all--but figured that these two had no reason to harm Kuhn, especially not now that it turned out that they'd all be traveling together. Not to mention, they just didn't seem the type. And he was awfully thirsty...

He nodded, his ponytail bobbing enthusiastically behind him as he took the beer from Endrance, raising it for a moment before bringing it to his lips and taking a sip. He grunted as he drank it down, holding it in his mouth to savor it before swallowing.

"I have to tell you," Kuhn said, setting it back down on the table and resting his arms on the surface. "Cid has the best taste in beer."

[OOC: So... what exactly did the twins put in it? XD]
Mar. 15th, 2008 08:16 pm (UTC)
As becoming as Haseo's customary scowl was, Endrance thought his grin was even cuter. He couldn't help but smile back when Haseo thanked him for ordering more tea. But it was his job to take care of Haseo, now. This shouldn't have been a surprise, as far as Endrance was concerned.

"Isn't it wonderful, Haseo?" he asked when it seemed his fiance had taken the news of their being on the same crew together as well has he had. Endrance was so pleased, he wanted to kiss Haseo again...but sadly, this did not seem to be the place to do it.

All manner of people had come into the tavern since their arrival. And the obnoxious redhead seemed to have finally disappeared. Good riddance, Endrance thought. All he really cared about was that Haseo was with him, and Kuhn had finally arrived so that they could leave. Endrance was actually disappoined when the captain announced their departure would be delayed indefinitely. He was uncomfortable in the tavern now, and would have liked to leave right away--now that he knew they would be going together.

At least Kuhn had drunk the beer. That was one less thing for Endrance to worry about. He picked up the teapot the offensive barkeep had brought over and poured a cup for Haseo, thoughtful.

"Captain," Endrance said at last. "Do you think we might perhaps...take our food with us to the ship? I am eager to see what my accomodations will be over the next...voyage." Yes, he wanted to leave. There were unsavouries here, and they didn't seem to appreciate that his love for his betrothed sometimes manifested in public displays of affection.
Mar. 25th, 2008 12:38 am (UTC)
((I'm so sorry for disappearing. Traveling takes a while. n_n; ))

Kaoru had to work to hide his grin, (even if he wasn't in front of his victim captain) people got suspicious when you smiled for seemingly no reason. Especially when it was the manic sort of smile. Ducking his head, the twin moved closer to the bar where Hikaru was, but still kept his distance.

As he re-seated himself, he wondered how long it would take for their special concoction to work. Generally, it didn't take long for the average drinker- but being a captain, Kaoru was sure you'd have to be a heavy drinker. At least more than normal. He leaned his cheek on his fist, keeping watch of the three from his vantage point.
Mar. 25th, 2008 01:19 am (UTC)
He could make out Kaoru from where he was sat, only visible through the crowd because Hikaru knew what he was looking for. Unconsciously he mimicked his stance, giving them his full attention to the Shrimp and Girly-Boy now. If they asked, he could just pass it off as being curious as to their - he was thinking on his feet, 'sexual orientation' wasn't going to cut it - company. Better. He'd be tentatively curious about Kuhn's presence, not sure that it was him, and curious to know if the other two were to be in their crew.

If they asked.

With an excuse to watch, and his choking reflex firmly in check, he watched as the man took a swig of the beer, seeming to appreciate the extra kick Hikaru had provided. True, Cid's beer was good, but the captain would be disappointed if he expected it all to be of the same strength. He sincerely hoped the man was as seasoned a drinker as a captain should be - if not, they'd probably be the ones dragging him out once time was called.

((Oh yes. It's VERY strong stuff, and of dubious origins XD Also apologising for my failure. My laptop's been in for repairs - I've lost everything!!! *weep* - and I've only just found one I can commandeer for internet purposes :| ))
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