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Characters: Ed and Death Grunty and whoever else
Location: Death Grunty's Barbeque
Time of Day: Mid-morning
Week # / Day #: Week 1 / Day 1
Warnings: Grunty Barbeques are made of grunties.

The moment she had set foot into Scurvytown, Ed had decided. It was definitely time for breakfast. "Is Ein hungry too?" She asked,looking down at her furry companion. The Corgi's blank stare obviously meant yes. There was a heavenly aroma rising from one of restaurants nearby, and both mouths were beginning to salivate.

"Mmmm, smells yummy!"
Ein barked in agreement.

She lifted her nose and took in the scent, rising to tips of her bare toes. Although her feet were naked, the rest of her was heavily dressed in a long coat entirely too big for her. She stretched out her sleeve (which may have contained an arm) and pointed straight ahead.

"There!" She yelled, and bolted towards it. Ein followed closely behind.
She had tracked the scent.
After a short sprint, Edward skidded to a stop in front of a small barbeque stand near the town's tavern.

The drool fell from her mouth as she ogled the skewers of meat before her.
"Aaaaaah," she sighed.


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Feb. 10th, 2008 01:42 am (UTC)
Death Grunty, who had been busy retrieving more of the meat of his slain brothers from his ice box, was startled when he heard the call for his (or rather, anyone's) attention. So caught off-guard was he that he dropped the box he was carrying (and it was hard with only a pair of hooves!) snorting angrily as he watched the meat inside slide over the ground.

"Oink!" He cried, leaping onto the counter beside the grill where his grunty bratwurst currently lie sizzling on a stick, nearly losing his balance in his outburst. "Just who do you think you are, scaring me like that, oink?!"

He put his hands on his hips, sighing angrily as he recognized the face of the girl who had been waiting for him.

"Oh Ed, it's only you. What do you want, oink?"
Feb. 10th, 2008 02:07 am (UTC)
"Food food!" She replied, bouncing up and down. "Ed and Ein are hungry..." She plopped herself onto a stool and lifted Ein to a seat beside her. "Two plates!"

Ed whipped off her jacket and slid her horribly thin legs into a criss-cross. She scratched the soles of her feet and turned a wide smile to Death Grunty.
Feb. 10th, 2008 02:14 am (UTC)
Death Grunty shook his head, a bit annoyed with the display. He waved a hoof to silence her (like that would ever work), pulling out two plates.

"I hear ya, I hear ya!" He said, slapping down two juicy bratwurst. A bit of the grease from the meat splashed onto his arm from the force of his irritated plopping of the meat onto the surface of the place, but thankfully his fur managed to keep it from stinging too much. He shoved the plates towards his first customers of the day, folding his arms over his fuzzy chest and snorting to break the momentary silence.

"What are the two of you up to, oink?" Death Grunty waved a hoof at the girl, as though coming to a sudden epiphany. "I heard you're a captain now. How did someone like you manage to do something like that, oink?!"
Feb. 10th, 2008 03:05 am (UTC)
Edward's head hovered over the plate momentarily before grabbing the meat with both hands and shoving it into her mouth. "Mmmm!" She moaned, savoring the flavor of the bratwurst.

"Ed and Ein found a ship on the port that was very sad. It was tied up and all alone! So Ed and Ein rescued the ship and painted a happy face on the sail and now it's not sad! So now that Ed has a ship, Ed can be a captain!" She waved her arms and let out a belch. Ein barked in agreement.
Feb. 10th, 2008 03:43 am (UTC)
It had been a long, disappointing morning. After bidding a very tearful good-bye to his cat and his parents, Endrance had set out for the harbor with only his frilly parasol and a not-large-enough bag of the bare essentials. But when he'd arrived at the Peg Leg, Endrance had been informed by the harbor master that Captain Edward had left early in order to explore the town.

Unwilling to just drop all he had left in the world, Endrance had lugged his bag back into town and--on the harbor master's advice--begun searching various food establishments for the wayward captain.

By the time Endrance reached Death Grunty's Barbecue, he was nearing exhaustion and beginning to sweat in his new baby-blue dress. Stopping to collapse his parasol, he stepped inside, dragging the large, heavy suitcase behind him. He moved first to the nearest empty table and dropped his things atop it before drawing a lacy handkerchief from the not-bosom of his foofy dress and using it to dab the sweat from his brow.

When he approached the counter, Endrance cast an odd look at the half-naked little boy seated there and failed to suppress a look of disgusted disdain at the little boy's dog. As the conversation in progress did not pertain to him--and was therefore unimportant--Endrance railroaded right over it, addressing the counter attendant with the tone of a spoiled rich only child used to being treated like royalty. "Excuse me. I am looking for Captain Edward of the Peg Leg. Has he been in this establishment today?"
Feb. 10th, 2008 03:59 am (UTC)
Haseo had managed to drag the trip from his former home into town out three hours longer than was necessary, but he had still gotten there and he was still going to have to go to work on whatever ship to which his father had signed his life away. Not that he had had very high hopes of getting lost or otherwise waylaid. That would have been too much to ask for, especially considering the downward turn his luck had taken recently. But it was three hours of freedom nonetheless. At this point, Haseo was taking whatever he could get.

Presently, he was hungry. And thirsty. And tired of walking, although he hadn't actually gone very far. And sick of lugging his belongings. So, with the futile hope that he could keep himself occupied and absent long enough for the ship to come and go without taking him with it, Haseo cast about for a place to eat. It was not long before the smell of someone's barbeque reached his nose, and he followed it to a stand near a tavern.

Concentrating on digging the money he had stolen from the old bastard before he'd left out of his pocket, Haseo was not aware of the patrons at the stand until he had already come to a stop next to the counter. Looking up, a portion of the ill-gotten currency clenched securely in his hand, Haseo found himself in the vicinity of his betrothed. There was a brief moment of frozen indecision, as his fight or flight instincts argued over a course of action. Turning around and walking away would satisfy his desire to pretend none of this was happening, but doing so would only draw attention to himself. And make him look like a coward. Since he wasn’t a coward and didn’t want attention, fight won out and Haseo stayed where he was.

Operating on the If-I-Don’t-See-You, You-Don’t-See-Me principle, Haseo concentrated on glaring fiercely at the counter. Maybe Endrance wouldn’t notice him. He could just get his food, sit down, enjoy his meal, and then be on his way.
Feb. 10th, 2008 04:14 am (UTC)
Death Grunty, completely swept away in a strange mixture of skepticism and disbelief at Edward's rather unbelievable story, didn't notice a new face make it's way into his barbecue. As a matter of fact, it wasn't until the strange woman addressed him that he even took notice to the other person at his shop.

Far too preoccupied with her giant grunty sausage, Edward ignored the newcomer, opting instead to take a hearty bite out of her food and chew on it happily (if not a little loudly).

"Excuse me. I am looking for Captain Edward of the Peg Leg. Has he been in this establishment today?"

Death Grunty blinked, surprised by the voice that came out of the 'woman' that had entered the store. Granted, all these humans looked the same to Death Grunty, but he could usually tell the difference between the males and the females. Although to be honest, it had taken Death Grunty a while to figure out just what on earth Edward was... but this one was even more puzzling than her.

"Well yeah, oink!" Death Grunty chirped irritably, a bit put off by the interruption. "She's sittin' right next to you."

Behind Endrance, another n00bie made his way into the barbecue (this time, Death Grunty could say for certain that this one was a boy--no woman ever made a face that ugly at inanimate objects before). Death Grunty folded his arms in self-satisfaction--he'd never gotten this many customers at a time before. Sure, there were always one or two regulars (and the cranky tavern owner next-door), but never at the same time. The good word about his food must be spreading around town, and it was about time, oink!

"Are you lookin' for your captain too, oink?" Death Grunty asked the silver-haired newcomer, who was seemingly preoccupied with trying to burn holes into the counter with his eyes. "Or are the two of you together? By the way, you'd better order something, oiiiiink!"
Feb. 10th, 2008 07:17 am (UTC)
Edward had found the bottom of her plate. She swallowed the remainder of her breakfast and began to suck the last bit of sauce from her fingers. She patted her stomach in satisfaction and leaned back, almost falling from her stool at the counter. Ed pressed her foot against the counter and gave her chair a spin. Stopping, her body jerked upright and she turned to greet the patron beside her.

"Howdy!" She said with a rather large smile. "This is Edward Wong Hau Pepelu Tivrusky IV! Nice to meet youuuuu." In lieu of her grease-covered hand, she happily offered her dust-covered foot to the blue-haired customer.

Ein sat silently staring at the flamboyant young gentleman, perhaps calculating the probability that the boy was indeed a woman. Dismissing whatever thought that had crossed his doggy-mind, he began to lick his paws clean.
Feb. 10th, 2008 07:37 am (UTC)
Endrance had a strange feeling...like a premonition that wasn't...when Haseo approached the counter while he was waiting for an answer from the saucy little grunty. There was something palpable in Haseo's sullen anger which Endrance had come to know, even watching him surreptitiously from a distance in the few opportunities granted him annually to do so. Endrance recognised it now, even before he peripherally saw the blur of silver hair in the vicinity of his elbow.

His heart beat hard in his chest and Endrance missed most of what Death Grunty said in his struggle not to visibly react to Haseo's presence. When the proprietor greeted Haseo, Endrance took the opportunity to steal a glance at his fiance. He was glaring so intently at the counter, it was clear he knew Endrance was there--but really, how could Haseo miss such a vision as himself, much less given their present company?

Endrance blanched when the grunty asked if the two of them were together. They were, in a way neither of them seemed willing to admit just yet, but that was no doubt not the question it had been asking.

The awkward not-quite moment might have stretched on forever if the little boy had not turned suddenly and offered Endrance his filthy little foot. Endrance stared at it in disbelief, then looked up to the wide grin, back down to the foot, back up to the grubby little face, then to the dog, who seemed to think he was part cat.

"You are...Captain...Edward?" Endrance asked at last.
Feb. 10th, 2008 02:22 pm (UTC)
Was he looking for a captain? Was he with Endrance? Haseo's first inclination was to shout a defiant Hell no! at the grunty, which would most likely open up the flood gates to the tirade that had been brewing in the back of his mind since this whole farce began. Restraint was something that Haseo felt only happened to other people, but he had enough presence of mind to realize that screaming at the one who controlled the food might result in his being hungry for longer than he was willing to put up with. So he took a deep breath, looked up from the counter, and cautiously opened his mouth. When no explosion seemed imminent, Haseo deemed it safe to speak.

"No, I'd just like to order something to eat," he answered stiffly, hanging on to self-control by sheer force of will. For better or for worse, and generally it was the latter, Haseo was possessed of a great deal of pride. It caused more problems than it solved, especially on the relating to people front, but today it worked in his favor. He was not going to cause a scene, more matter how much a part of him might have wanted to.

It didn’t help that he could practically feel Endrance looking at him. Don’t pay any attention to him, Haseo told himself firmly. He got you into this mess. He’s just trying to piss you off. Blaming other people for his problems, failings, and inadequacies was one of Haseo’s favorite methods of coping with all of the trials and tribulations Life enjoyed showering upon him. Since the old bastard wasn’t here and Endrance was, the blame neatly shifted over. That he appeared to be in the same situation as Haseo didn’t matter; somehow, this was all Endrance’s fault.

Then the little boy that had gone unnoticed by Haseo this entire time introduced herself as the captain Endrance was looking for and interrupted his internal monologue. The flash of vindictive pleasure he felt at Endrance taking orders from a child – exactly what he desired for making Haseo marry him – was abruptly extinguished when he realized that if there was one juvenile captain, there might be more. He might be taking orders from a child soon. And he didn’t know the name of the slave master to ask anyone.

Not that the old bastard hadn’t told him. He had. He had also repeated it quite a few times during that and subsequent arguments. But because active resistance hadn’t worked, Haseo had moved on to the passive-resistant method of not listening. The old bastard might have signed away his life, but that didn’t mean that Haseo had to listen to it. Now, however, he wished that he had simply pretended not to listen. Spitefulness could be such a double-edged sword.

Curious despite himself, Haseo glanced over at Endrance to see how his fiance was handling this. Not very well, if the look on his face was any indication. Haseo wasn’t surprised; he wouldn’t be taking this very well if Edward had turned out to be his captain. He would have moved on to the cursing by now and would be working himself into a- Haseo scowled, realizing that he had just been empathizing with the enemy.

“You’re really a captain, eh?” Haseo asked Edward glumly, allowing himself to be drawn into the conversation that wasn’t any of his business by the unpleasant reality that it could very well be his business soon. Maybe the kid was just pretending to be a captain. Maybe. Hope sprang eternal, even to those who had seen firsthand that the well was dry.
Feb. 10th, 2008 06:35 pm (UTC)
Completely unfazed by Edward Wong Hau Pepelu Tivrusky IV's rather evident eccentricity, Death Grunty tapped his hoof impatiently as he waited for payment.

"Well, hand over your money, oink!" He huffed indignantly at the little girl. Pushy? Yes. But it was the only way he did business. Businessmen had to be pushy, and Businessgrunties had to be even pushier! It was hard for people to take you seriously with just a pair of hooves!

He turned his attention to the irritable boy that had decided to come out of whatever cranky trance he'd put himself into--the kid was probably hungry, he'd raised enough of them to know--and flopped down two sausages onto a clean plate. As he muttered something about all his patrons needing to eat more (just what pirates were skinnier than rails, anyway?!), he pushed the plate in front of the angry boy, turning his attention expectantly to the blue haired man/woman.

The man/woman, unfortunately, was too preoccupied with staring in horror at the little Captain who was offering her foot for a shake. Death Grunty didn't see what the big deal was--weren't all human hooves the same, anyway?

He sighed, shaking his head in a total lack of understanding. Humans were just too darn weird, oink!
Feb. 11th, 2008 05:32 am (UTC)
"Yus yus," she replied. "Captain Edward and The Amazing Ein at your service." Since the first customer had denied her foot, she looked past him to the silver-haired lad at the end of the bar. Her back straightened as she lifted her hand towards her untamed brow in a salute.

After a short pause, her eyes shifted to the long-haired boy beside her. Something about him seemed vaguely familiar. She squinted her eyes and leaned in for a closer look. Once she had completed her visual examination, she stretched her nose to within an inch of him and began to sniff his clothing. "You smell pretty..." she said. Her eyes snapped wide open. "Aha! I know youuuuu; you must be Endrance! Papa Hojo told me all about you."

Edward had completely forgotten that she was to meet the newest (and only) addition to her pirate crew this morning at The Peg Leg. "Sorry the ship is empty, but Ein and Ed were really hungry. We can leave when you pay your Captain's bill, cool cool?" The huge grin found it's way back to Edward's dirty little face, exposing the bits of steak still clinging to her teeth.

While Ein may have sensed it, the tiny captain was completely oblivious to any tension in the air. Then again, Ed had always suffered from an extreme case of social retardation which often resulted in awkward conversations and a lack of personal space and hygiene. However, she was an intelligent girl and thus was able to deduce that the two patrons beside her had somehow been acquainted and therefore must be good friends. "Oooor, we should stay and eat with your friend!" She suggested. "Ein might still be hungry..."
Feb. 12th, 2008 02:00 am (UTC)
Haseo's cool answer to Death Grunty's question had a strange effect on Endrance. He felt both disappointed--but what had he really been hoping for? An acknowledgement of their not-but-impending relationship? A confession of love? yes--and a grudging respect for Haseo's easy detachment.

Long before their betrothal--but not so long after Endrance's feelings for his old enemy began to blossom--he had begun to ponder how much his silent treatment of Haseo might have hurt the younger boy over the years. Endrance was beginning to fear the answer might be 'very much.' Certainly, were their roles reversed, Endrance could not have stood here so calm and controlled, casting Haseo not so much as a sideward glance.

Of course, Haseo might not be at all like him in that respect--they'd been estranged for so long, Endrance had no way of knowing. It was just as likely he came off detached in Endrance's presence because he simply felt nothing at all when it came to his betrothed. This thought hurt Endrance more than he would have thought possible, forcing him to turn away, Haseo at his back as he faced the...captain.

If Endrance had had the vaguest inkling of Haseo's hatred toward him at the moment, the Schadenfreude he was feeling, the spiteful ill he was wishing on Endrance, he would have wept. As it was, all he heard was the sullen voice joining the conversation, and a faint colour rose to his pale cheeks as Endrance thought Haseo might be taking some interest in his plight. This was the closest they had been physically, the closest they had come to verbal discourse with one another in over a decade. Endrance felt chills.

When the grunty plopped his awful sausages onto a plate and slid them over, practically under Endrance's nose, he felt ill. There was nothing he detested more than food--though Captain Edward was pushing his limits.

Endrance might have been positively chilly to the grubby little boy in spite of his claim, but the compliment to his scent softened Endrance a bit. The follow-up recognition of him and mention of his father completely disarmed Endrance. He had always been daddy's little princess, and thoughts of his father and the care he must have taken--complete with his trademark precise clinical documentation--to acquaint Captain Edward with his son made Endrance feel the first acute pangs of homesickness.

He blinked when his captain announced he would be paying the tab. Determined to make a man of him, Endrance's mother had made certain he'd left their home with no money--in spite of his father's best efforts to slip him something. Which was not to say that Endrance had been left destitute by any means. The rings and necklace he wore held unflawed jewels of the highest quality. His hair ornaments alone could have bought and sold lesser men. But Endrance would never part with them--would never consider his baubles as currency. He gathered one long lock in his hands now, worrying it as he thought of how best to respond. "But...I do not--"

His response was cut short as Captain Edward presented the alternative of staying and joining in Haseo's repast. The blush on Endrance's cheeks darkened, and he nearly gave in to the pressure that had been slowly building in his chest all this time. But then, he was speaking before he could think, all the years of turning a cold shoulder to Haseo having formed a vicious habit that would be harder to break than he'd ever considered. "He is no friend to me," Endrance found himself saying, icicles forming in the air where his words had passed.
Feb. 12th, 2008 03:21 am (UTC)
Out of the corner of his eye, Haseo noticed the grunty pushing the plate of sausages across the counter. He turned, picked up the plate, and put the money down in its place with a quiet "Thanks." Just because he chose not to use them did not mean that manners were an alien concept to Haseo. He knew what they were, and on special occasions he would dust them off and trot them out. Because it involved food, he deemed this a special occasion.

Haseo turned back around in time to catch the captain's salute. Captain Edward and the Amazing Ein, huh? She said it as if it ought to mean something to him. Should it? Haseo didn't know. She could have been the most famous captain in the history of the world and he would not have recognized her. There was a vast emptiness in Haseo's knowledge when it came to all things involving ships, not because any of it was beyond his ability to understand, but because he had developed a tendency to tune the old bastard out whenever he had started droning on about his work and that had extended to anyone talking about anything even remotely related to ship-building.

So he just watched with a vague, detached curiosity as she smelled – quite literally smelled - Endrance before announcing that she knew who he was, thereby convincing Haseo that she was spending entirely too much time with her dog. What kind of person went around smelling people? He was just glad she hadn’t smelled him. Then she volunteered him as Endrance’s friend and all thoughts of people and their bizarre habits went right out of his mind.

Opening his mouth to deny any such friendship, Haseo was startled to silence when Endrance beat him to it. Under other circumstances, he might have thought nothing of it. But there was something in the icy way he said it, as if Haseo was so far beneath him as to be absolutely worthless, that made Haseo angry. It wasn’t so much the slight to his pride, but the way Endrance’s words conjured up the unpleasant memories of his failed attempt at friendship. Genuinely happy to have made a friend, Haseo had been hurt and ashamed when it had been terminated so abruptly over something he had only done as a joke. Then he’d learned from his stupidity and had never bothered with people again.

Haseo’s lips curled back in a snarl. “I don’t have friends,” he growled derisively, looking at Edward but aiming the words at Endrance. He was about to turn around and stalk off to the corner farthest from them both when he realized that he was no longer hungry. He hesitated for only a moment, then walked over to Edward and placed the plate of sausages down in front of Ein. “Here you go, Amazing Ein. Lunch is on me.”

After the friendship debacle, Haseo’s parents had gotten him a dog in hopes of coaxing him to warm up to something. It took a while, but eventually Haseo grew to love that dog. And then, as tended to happen with him whenever he was happy, the dog had gotten swept out into the ocean during a storm and try though he had, Haseo had been unable to save her. After that, he had given up on friendship completely. But he still retained a soft spot for dogs, even if he wouldn’t admit it.

And then, because Haseo was nothing if not contrary, he laid enough money down next to the plate to cover Edward’s lunch as well. He was going to be broke soon if he kept this up, but Haseo didn’t care. It was the old bastard’s money and he didn’t want anything to do with him, his money, or his stupid decisions. “Yours too, Captain.”

Then he turned and headed for the door.
Feb. 12th, 2008 05:57 am (UTC)
Apart from unloved boats and homeless puppies, there wasn't much that could sadden Ed. However, the two boys had managed to provoke an unhappy feeling in the girl. Not a friend? No friends at all? Her smile faded and was quickly replaced by a somewhat puzzled blank stare.

If anyone had asked her, it is certain that Edward would not have been able to describe what really happened between the two boys at the barbeque that morning. Ein on the other hand, understood completely. It's a pity he was unable to explain it to his owner. But Ein could only share so much.

Admittedly, Ein had drawn some hasty conclusions about the pair at first. But, any bad first impressions were wiped away as one of the boys set their plate before him. The peace offering was happily accepted by the dog, and if he had had a tail, it may have begun to wag.

While Ein's eyes triumphantly gazed upon his newly acquired sausage, Ed's eyes were busy elsewhere. They followed the silver-haired boy as he set his money on the table for Ed's meal and turned toward the door. The captain had remained silent thus far, but couldn't help let go of an excited, "Whaa!" and a, "Thank you, thank youuuu!"

If indeed the boy had come into the barbeque with no friends, that had changed. Whether he realized it or not, he'd gained at least 3 new admirers. Quite an impressive achievement for it being to early in the day.
Feb. 12th, 2008 04:20 am (UTC)
Death Grunty snorted in approval when Haseo laid the money for his sausages on the counter upon receiving them--maybe this newbie wasn't so bad after all. Paying your bill promptly and without incident seemed like an unheard of occurrence in a town filled with old pirates; it sure got old after a while, and not to mention tiring. It was hard to run after people when your legs were as short as Death Grunty's.

He watched with hidden interest as the blue-haired man/woman and the cranky kid threw thinly-veiled insults to their friendship. If they were going to deny their association, they could at least try and hide it better; then again, the only person they were really trying to convince was Edward anyway... what, did they think a grunty was too stupid to notice tension in the air?! The nerve...!

Becoming increasingly irritated, Death Grunty also realized that Edward had not yet paid her bill for her helping of food. He folded his arms and sucked in a breath to release a mighty oink!, but stopped short when the white-haired kid placed money on the counter for Edward as well. If Death Grunty had eyebrows, they would have shot up in surprise. But he didn't so his face remained in the same, cranky state it always was.

This kid... This kid wasn't half bad...!

As he occupied himself with scooping up the money and tucking it away into his grunty-stash, Death Grunty almost missed Haseo's exit. He frowned (as well as a grunty could, anyway) and called out to the newbie.

"Where you headed, kid?"
Feb. 12th, 2008 06:28 am (UTC)
Endrance turned in surprise to look down at Haseo when he growled that he didn't have any friends. None? Surely that could not be true. Just because Endrance had never seen him in the company of anyone else their age at the gatherings they attended...

Wait. Could it be because his family was going bankrupt? Endrance's father had mentioned to him in confidence that their betrothal was mostly an arrangement he had agreed to out of pity and a sense of friendly obligation to the Skeiths as their fortune had taken a turn for the worse. He had promised Endrance he did not have to stay married to Haseo if he did not want to. Just so long as his dowry could be delivered to the Skeiths in lieu of a loan or a gift they were too proud to accept...

But...had Haseo's peers dropped him like a cursed potato just because he was no longer wealthy? Endrance had never had any friends of his own--apart from his cat--but that seemed awfully shallow, if not cruel of them. Endrance felt terrible for Haseo, the story he'd constructed in his mind nearly as tragic as the actual truth.

But the expression Haseo was currently wearing was not very becoming. If he had not been so small and cute, it might even have been...frightening. But why was he so angry now? Perhaps he was thinking of his fair weather friends? He seemed to have lost his appetite over it, the poor dear. Haseo must really be depressed indeed.

Endrance thought it a very kind gesture that Haseo gave his food to the captain's dog. Even if it was a complete waste to give anything meant for human beings to a filthy canid.

When Haseo also paid the tab Endrance had been asked by his captain to pay, he felt positively enthralled guilty. But why--? Had it been a kindness toward the captain? Or had he overheard that Endrance was expected to pay and had no money? Surely...

No, he could not leave after that. He could not. Endrance had to know! He took a step and a half forward to follow Haseo before Death Grunty called out to stop the other boy. Endrance lost his momentum, quickly centering his weight again, uncertain. He glanced to one side, feeling awkward, attempting to look as if he had not just been about to follow his fiance out of the restaurant. But Endrance was listening carefully for Haseo's answer to the grunty's question.
Feb. 12th, 2008 12:33 pm (UTC)
Haseo hadn't set out to make anyone happy that day. In the face of his impending servitude, happiness was a dim concept lost to long ago days when there was nowhere to go, no one to see, and the most pressing order of the day was sitting on the beach watching the waves enact their endless dance with the shore. He had a lot of misery, more than was probably healthy for a single person to carry, and had planned on spreading it around. But when Edward called out an excited thanks, Haseo's lips twitched in a small smile that he allowed to cross his face only because his back was to everyone else, preventing them from seeing it.

The grunty's question stopped him in mid-step. Where was he going? Away from here was obvious. But after that, then what? He wasn't going back to the old bastard, now or ever, and without a destination he was just going to end up wandering aimlessly around the town. He couldn't even try to leave the island because there was no where else to go.

Half-turning to face the grunty, Haseo shrugged uncertainly. "I don't know," he replied in frustration. "My father signed me up to work on a ship." That was the truth. "But he didn't tell me where I was supposed to go." That was a lie. Or maybe it was the truth after all. He hadn't heard his father tell where he was to go once he got into town, so if it was approached in a certain way, it was just like not being told.

In direct violation of the orders being sent from his brain, Haseo’s eyes shifted to Endrance. He was here looking for a captain, too. Had his father sent him here, too? Or had Endrance chosen to come here in an attempt to flee the fate their fathers had conspired to inflect on them? Intending to look away, Haseo paused, staring at him. Had he moved? Was Endrance going to follow him? To what, berate him for the betrothal? I wasn’t my fault! Haseo wanted to scream at him. I had nothing to do with it! It was my father’s idea, not mine! If they hadn’t been in a public place, he might have acted on impulse. But since he didn’t want to start airing out in public what was destined to be the family laundry, he just crossed his arms over his chest, shifted his weight, and made himself look back at the grunty.

“So I’m just going out,” he concluded awkwardly, tilting his head to the side in a gesture meant to convey the wilds of ScurvyTown.
Feb. 12th, 2008 04:33 pm (UTC)
Death Grunty watched his cranky customer's eyes linger on the other newbie for just a moment, keeping a close eye on his face to see any betrayal of emotion. Unfortunately, Death Grunty caught no change in his expression--was this kid capable of showing any at all? Yeesh!

After the boy finished answering his question, Death Grunty hid an inward twitch of annoyance. 'Just going out?!' This kid really was something else, wandering about town instead of reporting to a captain that was probably waiting for him to get his scrawny butt down there.

Death Grunty sighed, telling himself to cool off, just this once. After all this, kid had paid his bill and the other's, so he had to allow himself a little generosity. Just this once.

"Well, if you're stuck on some ship like your not-friend here," Death Grunty began, waving a hoof in the general direction of the man/woman. "You might wanna try Kuhn's ship. I hear he's gettin' some newbies today too, oink!"
Feb. 12th, 2008 08:38 pm (UTC)
When Haseo admitted he did not know what ship he'd been assigned, Endrance wanted to help. But he did not know either. All he knew was that both of them were being sent out to become men and they were being sent separately.

Endrance's father had told him this in hopes of being reassuring. After the disdain Endrance had shown for Haseo all these years... He wondered if perhaps their parents would have assigned them the same ship if only Endrance had been more honest. Perhaps then, he would not have been forced to wear this horrible contraption...

Following that thought to its conclusion, Endrance blushed again. Such thoughts! Did he really have them...for Haseo?

Endrance froze as he suddenly realised Haseo was looking at him. Had he somehow perceived his thoughts? No, it couldn't be! But if not, then...why was he staring at him? He looked so angry...

If Haseo really did keep on course and leave the restaurant, Endrance was determined to follow him and find out why. He averted his eyes when Death Grunty once more questioned their relationship. Was it so obvious to a complete stranger? And what precisely was obvious?

Kuhn's ship. Endrance took careful note, in case that was the captain to whom Haseo had been assigned. He sounded...foreign. But no image formed immediately in Endrance's mind. So long as he knew where Haseo would be...it was a start, wasn't it?

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Feb. 12th, 2008 10:28 pm (UTC)
Ein was relieved that the humans hadn't allowed the customer to leave just yet. He was trying his best to telepathically invite the lad to stay aboard Edward's ship. It wasn't everyday that someone chose to share their meal with the dog.

In fact, a hearty meal was becoming increasingly difficult to come by. Scurvytown's limited land space only allowed for so many grunty, and Osenai's research facility had yet to provide evidence for new land on which the beasts could graze. Unfortunately, this put a limit on the amount of grunty permitted to inhabit the island. This ultimately limited the amount of grunty Ein and edward were able to eat, and while this was only slightly upsetting for Edward, it was down right miserable for Ein. Given Ein's predicament, it was no wonder he'd taken such a liking to the boy who'd offered his plate.

But, It was probably for the best that Death Grunty had steered the boy in Kuhn's direction. It was perfectly clear that the two boys in the restaurant shared a feeling for each other, and that might have made for an akward atmosphere aboard The Peg Leg. Thus, Ein turned his attention from his silver-haired buddy and back to his breakfast.

Edward had sat quietly until Death Grunty was finished speaking. Edward began to swing her legs gently as she hummed to herself. "Caaaptaaaain Kuuuuhn," she echoed.
Feb. 12th, 2008 11:27 pm (UTC)
Pointedly ignoring the reference to his relationship with Endrance, Haseo mulled over the name the grunty had given him. Kuhn, huh? Just like Edward and the Amazing Ein, he had never heard of Kuhn before. And now that he had heard of him, Haseo was faced with a difficult choice: drag himself and his bag of belongings down to the port and see if this Kuhn guy was the one to whom the old bastard had signed him away, or stay as far away from Kuhn as possible. The upside of seeking Kuhn out was that if he was the one, he would be Haseo’s ticket off the island away from everyone he couldn’t stand. The downside was that he was going to have to pay for his escape by working and living on a ship crowded with a whole new group of people he wasn’t going to like.

Closer consideration revealed a third possibility that effectively rendered the other two moot. It was a known fact that ships at sea tended to encounter all sorts of problems: storms, reefs, fires, inexplicable disappearances. Added to the plethora of natural disasters was Haseo himself, already the cause of one sunken ship. All he had to do was wait it out and eventually something would happen that would effectively remove him from the old bastard’s meddling and the unpleasant prospect of working.

“Looks like I’m going to see Kuhn, then,” Haseo muttered, more to himself than to anyone else. He nodded to the grunty. “Thanks for your help.”

As he looked away, Haseo noticed that he had somehow managed to acquire more attention than he was comfortable with. Even the dog was looking at him! Haseo sighed uncomfortably, scratched at the back of his head, and then started to turn back to the door. When Edward repeated Kuhn’s name, he stopped. Did she know him? Did that mean that Kuhn was a child?

Deciding that he needed more information, Haseo took a few steps back toward Edward. He was fully aware that he was getting precariously close to Endrance again, but Haseo refused to alter his course. It was clear to him now that Endrance was as unhappy about their current situation as he was, perhaps made all the angrier because he thought Haseo had had something to do with it. Well, Haseo hadn’t and he wasn’t going to let the possibly of more scathing comments drive him away. He would ask Edward his questions and then leave Endrance to finish his business with his captain.

“Do you know Captain Kuhn, Captain Edward?” Haseo asked Edward curiously. “Can you tell me anything about him?”
Feb. 13th, 2008 03:40 am (UTC)
Death Grunty nodded once in response to Haseo's thanks, folding his arms in self-satisfaction. Once the boy had turned his attention to 'Captain' Edward to ask her about his captain, Death Grunty turned away, glancing down at the floor where the grunty meats had spilled when Edward first came in and startled Death Grunty out of his skin. He heaved an annoyed sigh and leapt down to clean it up.

In all honesty, Death Grunty probably could've answered the question better than Edward could (given the fact that Edward was... well, Edward), but it hadn't been addressed to him, and he had work that needed to be done, anyway. But he supposed it would be easy enough to find the absent captain--Kuhn's ponytail was a hard one to miss. As were the women that usually hung off of his arm.

Death Grunty wrinkled his nose as he picked a sausage off the floor, giving it a quick whiff. Meh, they weren't bad, and he'd be burning off all the crap later. Without a second thought, he threw them back into the box to prepare for cooking.
Feb. 13th, 2008 06:19 am (UTC)
When Haseo announced he would be leaving, Endrance glanced over at the table which held his belongings, torn between going to retrieve them before following his betrothed and merely leaving them where they were for the few moments it would take to speak with Haseo before he left...for however long they would be separated this time.

In the end, it made no difference, because Haseo decided for reasons unknown to Endrance that Captain Edward looked knowledgeable. He couldn't quite see it, but perhaps Haseo had noticed something about the grubby little boy Endrance had not. Either way, he was walking back toward the counter now, and soon he would be close enough to touch again...not that Endrance would. But the possibility sent his heart racing once more.

Unfortunately, before possibilities became possible, Endrance witnessed the sight of Death Grunty picking sausages up off the floor behind his counter and throwing them back in with the rest of the uncooked meat. Endrance was the only person tall enough to look over the counter and see this--and it was just as well. But that fact did not help his stomach.

The smell and proximity of food had made him feel green enough. This on top of that was too much. Endrance groaned, withdrawing the handkerchief from his bodice once more and covering his mouth and nose with it as he felt he might be ill. "Excuse me," he said, moving quickly over to the table with his belongings and leaning against it as he rode out the wave of nausea.

It was unfortunate this coincided with Haseo's return. But Endrance was not in a place to worry about his actions being misconstrued. Had he eaten anything in the last 24 hours, it would likely have been on the floor at his feet by now.
Feb. 14th, 2008 01:25 am (UTC)
Edward turned excitedly towards her inquisitive new friend. If there was one thing that Edward enjoyed, it was being asked a question. Not often was she able to answer in a way that the questioning party could understand, but Edward's mind was undeniably a database for all kinds of useful knowledge.

"Whaa!" She exclaimed, her mouth widening into an almost threatening sort of grin. Whether she was about to eat the boy or answer his question was another inquiry about to be explored. The goofy grin was wiped from her face instantaneously as she gently gripped the base of her chin in a thoughtful pose. She briefly imagined that she was a professor, ready to share her expensive set of facts and theories with an apt pupil. "Surely," she said, attempting to sound a bit more mature.

"Kuhn is a captain just like Edward! He's smart and lots of fun. And he's really nice too. Rumor has it that he can make anyone feel all warm and fuzzy inside. But that's just what Edward heard from the ladies at the-" Edward's description intercepted by an, "Excuse me..." that appeared to have come from her shipmate.
Feb. 14th, 2008 02:45 am (UTC)
As the smile spread over Edward's face, making her appear slightly deranged to Haseo's eyes, his hopes of gaining useful information about Kuhn plummeted. What was he doing, asking a child such questions? Had he honestly expected a coherent, much less useful, response? And why was he taking her word for it that she was actually a ship captain? He must be as crazy as she was! But then the disconcerting grin disappeared, taking with it the appearance of questionable sanity. Haseo’s hopes started to rise, only to be ruthlessly crushed when she started to describe Kuhn.

Just like Edward?! By all the gods, he must be a child, too! Or something much worse, Haseo reflected uneasily, not sure how to take Kuhn’s ability to make everyone feel “warm and fuzzy inside.” What the hell did that mean? Deeply suspicious about the motivations and intentions of others to begin with, Haseo was immediately wary of anyone with a penchant for making others feel good. It just wasn’t natural for someone to care about the welfare, emotional or otherwise, of another unless there was some type of investment being made into the other’s life. To care for no reason implied some kind of dark, nefarious purpose at work. And to Haseo, it sounded as if Kuhn’s purpose was nefarious indeed.

Clearly he was going to have to rethink his plan of seeking out Kuhn. Or if it couldn’t be avoided, do so only with the utmost caution. That meant he was going to have to take stock of his supplies and maybe use what money he had left to better equip himself. First things first, however, would be to determine if Kuhn actually was the captain under whom he was supposed to serve. Vague ideas of how to accomplish this were already beginning to form when Endrance excused himself, thereby setting of a chain of events that drove all thoughts of how to determine his employer’s identity out of his mind.

Turning to see what was going on, Haseo saw Endrance moving quickly away from him with a handkerchief pressed to his face as if he were going to be ill. Seeing no cause for such a reaction, Haseo immediately jumped to the obvious conclusion: his presence was making Endrance sick. The momentary flash of humiliation was immediately drowned by seething anger. His fingers curled into fists, nails digging sharply into his skin, as the blood drained from his face. It was like being transported back in time, once again the little boy who was rejected, worthless, reviled. But this time, instead of hurt feelings, there was only anger. How dare Endrance treat him like a leper?

When he had turned back to speak with Edward, Haseo had resolved to leave Endrance with some attempt at kind words. It was a dangerous life their parents had sent them off to, and in the event of his being stabbed, drowned, or otherwise killed, Haseo had not wanted his last words to his fiance, unwanted or not, to be words of anger. Now, he did not care.

Without another word, Haseo stormed out of the grunty’s barbeque, everything else forgotten. He had no destination, nothing but the need to leave a situation that would only get worse if he stayed, and once out in the street, he chose a direction at random. The only thought that made its way through his haze of fury was that one way or another, he was getting off this island. And he was never coming back.
Feb. 14th, 2008 06:06 am (UTC)
Death Grunty finished putting the last of the sausages in the box, lifting it up onto a nearby chair before leaping back up on the counter to check on the sausages on the grill. The cranky newbie stormed out of the place just as he did, his face suddenly darker, if that were possible. The other looked as though he were going to be sick, pressing a frilly napkin to his face (what, were Death Grunty's napkins not good enough for him?!) as he fought with... whatever ailment he suffered from. Maybe his clothes were too girly. The dress was enough to make Death Grunty feel faint, that was for sure.

Snorting as though washing his hands of the matter (since he had no hands to wash and there wasn't a nearby sink), Death Grunty reached over and plucked a sausage off the grill, taking a bite out of the meat.

Feb. 14th, 2008 08:36 am (UTC)
Endrance had not been prepared for Haseo's storming out of the restaurant at the drop of a hat. So it took him a moment to process what had happened, as he'd barely gotten to his table before the door chime was jangling angrily with the younger boy's exit.

Endrance looked up and around the restaurant to confirm that it was Haseo who had just left. But the afterburn of anger left in his wake was unmistakable. He saw Captain Edward looking perplexed, and Death Grunty...eating one of his own sausages. Endrance groaned again and swallowed mightily against the bile rising in his throat, all but crushing his kerchief to his face.

With a quick attempt at a salute to his captain, Endrance fled the restaurant, hoping long legs would win out over short and he would be able to catch up to Haseo in spite of his nausea.

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