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Characters: Ed and Death Grunty and whoever else
Location: Death Grunty's Barbeque
Time of Day: Mid-morning
Week # / Day #: Week 1 / Day 1
Warnings: Grunty Barbeques are made of grunties.

The moment she had set foot into Scurvytown, Ed had decided. It was definitely time for breakfast. "Is Ein hungry too?" She asked,looking down at her furry companion. The Corgi's blank stare obviously meant yes. There was a heavenly aroma rising from one of restaurants nearby, and both mouths were beginning to salivate.

"Mmmm, smells yummy!"
Ein barked in agreement.

She lifted her nose and took in the scent, rising to tips of her bare toes. Although her feet were naked, the rest of her was heavily dressed in a long coat entirely too big for her. She stretched out her sleeve (which may have contained an arm) and pointed straight ahead.

"There!" She yelled, and bolted towards it. Ein followed closely behind.
She had tracked the scent.
After a short sprint, Edward skidded to a stop in front of a small barbeque stand near the town's tavern.

The drool fell from her mouth as she ogled the skewers of meat before her.
"Aaaaaah," she sighed.
Tags: barbecue, complete, death grunty, edward, endrance, haseo, week 1
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