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We are the pirates who don't do anything...

We need Fab-u-lous, that is my simple request!

Characters: Hana, Derek
Location: Derek's Clinic in ScurvyTown
Time of Day: Afternoon, I should think.
Week # / Day #: Week 1, Day 1
Warnings: Hana is a giant tranny. Just sayin'.

Hana felt butterflies flutter through his stomach as he stood at the door to the local clinic--oh, he'd been eying Derek from afar for years now. He'd known him ever since he was a young lad (not that Hana was that much older, mind you!), and Derek had certainly grown up to be quite a looker in his prime.

Now granted, while he wasn't sure if Derek were single, interested in dating, or even gay, that didn't stop him from trying. After all, Hana was a romantic at heart, and nothing could stop the power of love once the full force of it had been released!


In any case, it was that illogical feeling that had lead him here to Derek's door, standing outside as he realized that just barging in without an ailment might seem a bit... off. Suspicious, to say the least. Maybe he'd just go along with whatever the doctor said, and just answer questions when asked... make up some symptoms...

Perhaps this could work. In any case, it sure worked a lot better than standing and staring at the door. He wasn't a young girl boy? anymore--he was fully capable of catching a man that he wanted without hesitation!

And so, he reached forward, proudly taking the door handle in his hand and stepping into the building, seeing the young doctor sitting at his desk looking over paperwork that, without a doubt, must've been extremely important. He cleared his throat, but was a bit too impatient to wait for the doctor to notice him through that means.

"Dr. Stiles?" He said, in the most feminine voice he could muster.
Tags: clinic, derek, hana, week 1
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