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[Incomplete] Endrance, Haseo, Kuhn

Characters: Endrance and Haseo (and Captain Kuhn after a bit)
Location: The streets of ScurvyTown
Time of Day: Late morning
Week # / Day #: Week 1 / Day 1
Warnings: UST, shounen-ai liek whoa

[ooc: From here.]

Endrance felt better as soon as he stepped out into fresh air. There was something positively sinister...if not merely stomach-turning about Death Grunty's Barbecue. If he ate, he would certainly never eat there now.

Endrance might have lost Haseo for good in the twists and turns of the city streets but for the angry stomping he was doing on his hasty exit. He was moving quickly, but Endrance was faster--and his long legs gave him a distinct advantage.

The trouble was, as he began to catch up with his fiance, Endrance was no longer certain what he was going to say. He did not understand what had made Haseo so angry, but then Endrance had missed a bit right there at the end when he'd felt ill. Perhaps the grunty had said something to insult Haseo? Or perhaps it had something to do with the angry glare Haseo had been shooting him earlier. Endrance could not be sure.

What he was sure of was that he wanted to say something to Haseo before they parted. And so, before he gained too much distance on the younger boy, Endrance called out to him. He realised just before he formed the word that he had been about to call him "'seo," which was the childhood nickname Endrance had given him back when they had been friends. Catching himself just in time, Endrance changed the word, jumping off the initial consonant, to a less-familiar form of address.

"Skeith." He stopped where he was, hoping Haseo would, too, once he heard his name. If not, Endrance could easily catch him up again.


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Feb. 14th, 2008 12:20 pm (UTC)
The problem with getting angry was that it never actually improved a bad situation. Yes, it had gotten him out of the Barbeque, where he seemed incapable of doing anything but make a fool of himself. But now Haseo was fairly certain that he was lost. Not that ScurvyTown was so big that he would spend days roaming its twisting streets in confusion; he could just pick a direction and walk until he got reached either the ocean or the land beyond the city. But that would mean more hours of trudging around, lugging the bag that felt like it was getting heavier as time passed. What the hell was in there? Rocks? If he had known that clothes were going to be so damn heavy, he would have packed a lot less. And while he was tempted to start lightening the load, pride insisted that since he had gotten this far with it all, he could make it to wherever he was going without leaving a trail of attire in his wake.

Lost in his anger and mounting frustration, Haseo wasn’t aware that he was being followed until he heard his name being called. Had it been his first name, it would not have penetrated the cloud of negativity that had enveloped him. Since it was his last name, and therefore reminiscent of his father, it caught his attention and brought him to a halt. Recognition of the voice came only after he had stopped, and for a moment he was tempted to start walking again. What the hell was Endrance doing out here? Had he decided he hadn’t insulted him enough? Is that why he had followed him?

Walking away wouldn’t do any good anyway. If he was determined, Endrance would catch up with him. Haseo might be fast and agile, but his short legs weren’t much of a match for Endrance’s longer ones. And now he was thinking about Endrance's legs! Sighing, Haseo turned around to face him.

Had it been anyone else, Haseo would have corrected the use of his name, pointing out his intention to disown his family and throw away any association with them. He had not yet picked out a suitable replacement for Skeith, but with enough consideration he was confident that he would find something appropriate. But there was no point in telling Endrance. He wouldn’t care, and he might tell his father, who might tell Haseo’s father, and then the old bastard would probably do something to stop him from doing it. If it could be prevented. Haseo was hazy on the requirements for disowning one's family.

Crossing his arms over his chest, tense and on the defensive, Haseo met Endrance’s eyes. “What?”
Feb. 14th, 2008 03:42 pm (UTC)
Endrance felt like the proverbial deer in headlights when Haseo turned to face him. His throat dried up and he could barely hear himself think from the pounding of his pulse in his ears. Endrance clasped his hands together, attempting to form and execute coherent thought.

There was some instinct in him--a strange one he had not experienced before--which, after having chased Haseo down like this, felt he should go a step or two further, perhaps tackling him in the street, perhaps...more? Endrance could not fathom it. He was no predator. But it certainly had been exhilarating chasing after Haseo.

The angry expression on the younger boy's face might have been enough to kill Endrance's buzz if it had not contained just enough of a sullen pout to be cute. ...he was cute, Endrance realised. Very. He wanted to move closer, to stand right next to Haseo and look down at him. To pull him close and--what? Endrance was not quite sure. Something.

Endrance felt weak in the knees when Haseo's eyes met his. How many times did that make it today? After not looking directly at one another for years and years, and now...

Endrance put a hand to his temple, closing his eyes for a moment as he steadied himself. "...thank you," he said at last, looking at Haseo with a gentle, longing expression. "...for paying my captain's bill. I...would not have been able to." Endrance was not certain what restaurants did when you could not pay your bill, but it had to be something unpleasant.

Haseo had saved him. Even if he had not meant to do it, it was a thought Endrance would cherish in the weeks to come.
Feb. 14th, 2008 10:29 pm (UTC)
Haseo watched Endrance with wary suspicion, waiting impatiently for him to get on with the diatribe. Were there so many insults that Endrance couldn't decide which one to start with? Was he waiting around in the hopes that a crowd would gather and the ridicule could be made public? What was the problem?

While he waited for the inevitable unpleasantness to begin, Haseo took the opportunity to simply look at Endrance, something he hadn't been able to do for many years. Oh, there had been plenty of surreptitious glances during the occasional event his parents had forced him to attend, but sneaking peeks while maintaining an air of cold indifference was not conducive to really seeing anything. Now, however, there was no need to pretend that Endrance wasn’t there. He had always been taller than Haseo, him and everyone else, but he had become even taller in the intervening years. Taller and considerably more beautiful, even to Haseo's bitterly jaded eyes. The dress was an odd choice, but Haseo - whose taste tended toward black, leather, and metal – was in no position to cast aspersions on the attire of others.

When Endrance finally opened his mouth, Haseo braced himself for a tirade that never came. Instead of venomous insults, Endrance was... thanking him? Haseo's eyes widened with shocked surprise, as the anger that had been building in expectation of a verbal battle drained away. Endrance had never thanked him for anything!

"Your parents didn't give you any money?" Never mind that he would have been broke had he not pilfered money from his father's wallet. Haseo had always viewed Endrance's parents in a better light than his own, owing mainly to the fact that they never asked anything of him and didn’t carry on like his younger brother Sora was the gods' gift to the world. It was hard to believe that they'd tossed Endrance out with the same callous disregard as his own bastard of a father had thrown him out.

Though he had not yet developed a close enough relationship to another human being to experience it, Haseo possessed a personality perfectly suited to taking care of people. He might be able to get along with them for extended periods of time, but that didn't mean he wouldn't go to the ends of the earth to protect them. It was a characteristic that had been buried beneath many layers of anger and disagreeableness, but it was there, waiting for someone to whom it could devote itself. Had their friendship lasted longer than it had, Haseo would have come to terms with his feelings for Endrance a long time ago. Because it had terminated so abruptly, his feelings were vague, nebulous impulses that he couldn't understand and more often than not just made him angry.

Like now. The edge of a coin was pressing almost demandingly into the side of his finger. Endrance was standing there looking at him with an expression he couldn’t interpret but was making him feel even more muddled than he already felt. The belligerent part of him wanted to say "Sucks to be you" and smirk at him in a rare moment of superiority. The rest of him beat that urge into submission and won control of his tongue before he could follow that stupidity through to its conclusion.

"Endrance...?" Haseo took an unconscious step forward, certain that his sudden lightheadedness was caused by lack of food and not by the thrill of saying Endrance's name without the usual malice. "Do you...? If you need...?" Certain that Endrance hated him, Haseo didn't know how to ask if he needed money, much less the best way to offer what he had. "I can..."
Feb. 15th, 2008 03:36 am (UTC)
The way Haseo was looking at him--staring, really--was making Endrance feel...warm. When the younger boy asked if his parents had not given him money, Endrance frowned a little, worrying his hands, embarrassed. "Well..." he began softly. "Daddy tried...but Lucrecia was insistent I leave the house without any money."

Endrance's gaze dropped to the street in shame as if he were somehow to blame for his mother's decision. "She says I'm spoiled," he mumbled. "...and I need to learn...to take care of myself." Endrance did not know why, but his eyes began to burn as he repeated her words. He was uncertain whether it was another bout of homesickness, or just depression at hearing his mother speak about him that way. Perhaps he was secretly furious that she should criticize his survival skills after keeping him locked away from the world for over five years.

Endrance looked up, almost startled when he heard Haseo speak his name. He had never heard his full name pass Haseo's lips. He wanted to hear it again.

And then, Haseo was taking a step toward him, and Endrance gave into the urge which remained still to go to him. He bridged the distance in two quick strides, and they were suddenly face to face.

Endrance looked down at Haseo, trying to discern what he was attempting to say. His own mind was in a fog, and Endrance found it difficult to concentrate on Haseo's words.

He blinked at all the ellipses, and then the shine of the coin in Haseo's hand finally caught his eye. Oh...he wasn't...? Endrance's lips curved in a rapturous smile. How sweet he was. He pretended to be so angry and cold, but then he made gallant gestures like this. Endrance wanted to eat him with a spoon.

"Haseo." The way Endrance spoke his name, it seemed to have more syllables than it should. Perhaps flowers, hearts, and wingdings could be verbally expressed. Endrance reached out and gently slid his hands over Haseo's, closing the younger boy's fingers on his money. "Please. Keep your it for yourself. You...will need it to eat. ...I will be fine. ...thank you." So overwhelmed by Haseo's sweetness, Endrance could not resist leaning down and brushing his lips against Haseo's cheekbone before letting go his hand.
Feb. 15th, 2008 04:29 am (UTC)
"Lucrecia is a bitch."

The words were out of Haseo’s mouth before he could even think to stop them. And once they were spoken, he realized that he had no desire to call them back. She was just like his bastard of a father! What did they do, get together at night and plan out how to make their sons' lives miserable? It was bad enough they decided amongst themselves who was going to marry who. But to throw them out into the street with nothing and force them to become sailors? What kind of parents were they? Were they trying to get them killed?

It was remarkably easy for Haseo to work himself into a rage when Endrance wasn’t around. Once he was, his baffling ability to tangle Haseo’s emotions into knots made already mercurial moods even more erratic and uncontrollable. Right now, he wanted nothing more than to stalk back home, raze the house to the ground, and then hunt down Endrance’s mother and give her a piece of his mind.

Visions of vengeance were unceremoniously discarded when Endrance suddenly moved closer. The last time he had been this close to him was… Haseo couldn’t remember. Many years and inches ago, he knew that much. There was something very familiar in the way he tilted his head back to maintain eye contact with Endrance, and the tiny spark of hope that had never fully died flared to life. Maybe things had not changed as much as he believed they had. Maybe they could stop being enemies. Maybe they could try again.

Maybe he was being befuddled into stupidity by Endrance’s standing so close to him, a cynical voice in the back of Haseo’s mind spoke up scathingly. Years of blithely ignoring the old bastard had sharpened Haseo’s skill at ignoring the unwanted observations and advice of others, and so he paid it no mind. He could be stupid if he wanted to be.

The way Endrance said his name made him dizzy all over again, belying the lack of food excuse. The touch of his hand on Haseo’s own was electrifying. He always tried so hard to maintain his sphere of personal space that he was not used to being touched.

“What about you?” Haseo asked, forcing himself to enunciate the words so that they could be understood. Endrance had just kissed him. Endrance had just kissed him. Him! It was becoming increasingly difficult to concentrate. “You need to eat, too.”

Fuzzy as he was getting, Haseo was fairly certain that this was an accurate assumption.
Feb. 15th, 2008 05:15 am (UTC)
Endrance's jaw dropped at Haseo's declaration. "Haseo!" His voice was full of reproach this time. "She's my mother!"

After he'd kissed Haseo, Endrance regretted it a little. Not because his heart felt it had just grown wings and he wanted to take Haseo in his arms for a maiden voyage, but because the younger boy suddenly looked...unwell. Was he that averse to Endrance's touch? No...please... Inwardly, Endrance worried.

But perhaps it was just that Haseo genuinely felt ill. He had forgone his breakfast, after all--for the best, seeing what sort of cook Death Grunty was--but he was a growing boy, and generally, skipping food was a bad thing--for people who were not Endrance.

"Haseo..." Endrance reached out in concern, resting his hand on Haseo's cheek and looking at him more carefully. He did seem a bit pale...

When the younger boy asked about his own needs, Endrance smiled. "No," he answered gently. "I...will be fine." His thumb gently stroked Haseo's cheek. "But you do not look well...perhaps we should sit down...in the shade?" Endrance glanced around, spotting a round park bench encircling a coconut tree a few yards away. It was not much shade, but it was better than standing in the middle of the street.
Feb. 15th, 2008 12:42 pm (UTC)
Having never been a reverent or obedient child, Haseo could not fathom the reason for the reproach in Endrance's voice. Being a mother did not preclude someone from being a bitch any more than being a father meant that one was not a bastard. Why waste time pretending they were something they were not?

"My father's a bastard," Haseo volunteered with an offhanded shrug, thinking that Endrance might be feeling ashamed of his bitch of a mother and trying to reassure him that his weren't the only bad parents on the island. "And my mother's a flake." He did not view this last bit of information as a surprise. The woman had married his father, and to Haseo's way of looking at the world, that meant that she was very flaky indeed. Of course, for those that were oblivious to the evils of his father, there was always ample evidence of her flakiness in the things that she said.

Endrance was looking at him strangely again. Haseo found himself fervently wishing that he came with a manual. Trying to decipher all of these expressions, when he himself had spent so long going without anything but a scowl, was nearly impossible. While he was wishing, he might as well add an appendix into the manual that carefully recorded everything he could possibly say that Endrance would take as an insult. It wouldn’t prevent him for saying something offensive, for that he would need to give up talking entirely, but it might help him navigate the more treacherous waters of socializing.

He wasn’t prepared for all of the touching, either. Not that Endrance had been standoffish as a child, but children rarely had the rigid boundaries adults developed, and Haseo had been no exception. Now years of isolation were encouraging him to bat Endrance’s hand away and reestablish his personal space. Like advice, Haseo tended to ignore encouragement, too. This was a far cry from Endrance’s attitude earlier at the Barbeque, and Haseo wanted to see how long it would last. And being touched by Endrance wasn’t bad. Just different. For a brief moment, Haseo leaned into the light caress. When they started hissing at each other again, he was going to remember this.

At Endrance’s suggestion to sit down, Haseo nodded. He had been on his feet for hours; it would be a relief to take a break and put the bag down. The shade would be nice, too. He hadn’t dressed appropriately for this.

As they headed toward the bench, Haseo glanced up at Endrance and asked the question that had been circling round and round in his mind since this all began. “Endrance? Are you all right with all of this?” He kept the question vague on purpose. Not quite ready to risk the peace by bringing up the marriage, he also wanted to know what Endrance thought of being pawned off to Captain Edward.
Feb. 16th, 2008 02:07 am (UTC)
Endrance blinked as Haseo insulted both his own parents as consolation. It didn't do much to console him--in fact Endrance was beginning to wonder if there was anyone who could escape Haseo's wrath--but he let the comments go so as not to further inflame the mercurial temper.

In the moment that Haseo leaned into his touch, Endrance was caught up by a passionate flame which compelled him to get closer, to lean down and kiss him again--much more seriously. But he did not give in to the urge. Endrance was embarrassed at even having thought it. Yes, it would have been nice...very nice--but here, in the middle of the street, in broad daylight? Not to mention what Haseo would most likely have had to say about it.

Fortunately--or not--Haseo's little reaction did not last long. As they were walking to the bench, Endrance experienced another strange urge--to hold Haseo's hand. That at least may have been left over from when they were children. It was not unusual for little boys to walk together hand in hand. Now, however, it would have completely different connotations--none to which Endrance objected, but it was probably not the best course of action at the moment.

So instead, he leaned forward and took the suitcase from Haseo, planning to carry it for him into the shade of the tree. The younger boy's question made Endrance nervous. What was he really asking? Well, that was obvious. But how to respond?

For a moment, Endrance was tempted to come clean. Don't worry, Haseo. Daddy said we don't have to stay married if we don't want to. But...please want to? No, he could not say that. So instead, Endrance pretended to misunderstand the question, answering hesitantly, "Well...I...am a little afraid...but also, I feel...exhilarated. I think it could be fun...perhaps. Still...it does seem a bit much at once after being locked away all this time." Endrance hunched his shoulders and looked at the ground. "My mother is right. I really do not know how to take care of myself." But that was hardly all his fault, either.
Feb. 16th, 2008 01:38 pm (UTC)
Haseo blinked, looking at Endrance in surprise when he took the luggage off his hands. There wasn't anything in there worth stealing, the money and the mysterious key were in his pocket and there was no way his clothes were going to fit him, so Endrance must be trying to help him. Feeling as though he had accidentally wandered into some kind of alternate dimension that looked like the one he had come from but was built on a completely different foundation, Haseo gave Endrance what he hoped was a grateful smile. It was a creaky affair, rusty and unused, so it was entirely possible it came out looking like a grotesque caricature of a smile. He just had to hope it hadn’t.

Exhilarating? Fun? What the hell was he talking about? Working on a ship? Getting married? Both? Haseo decided that he must be talking about the ship. Either that, or his parents had lied and told him that he was marrying someone else. That was entirely possible. Haseo was enough of a realist to know that he was neither exhilarating nor fun; he wouldn’t blame Endrance’s parents for glossing over his fiance’s identity. Sure, the old bastard could be honest about it to his son; Endrance wasn’t the least bit undesirable. But no parents in their right mind could expect their child to be thrilled over the prospect of being stuck with Haseo for a husband. Yet even with that rationale, he thought Endrance was referring to the ship, which was strange in its own right. Why would he think working would be fun?

Haseo frowned, tempted to reassert his opinion of Endrance's mother. His own family wasn't an example of an overly supportive, disgusting sappy family by any means, but he had to admit that they had tried. Yes, they had eventually given it up as a bad job, but in the beginning, before he'd gotten the hang of being obstinate and unpleasant, they had done their best. What had Endrance's mother done? Lock him away from the world. And for what?

"So what if you don't know what you're doing?" Haseo asked, miraculously opting to avoid focusing on Lucrecia. "You figure it out eventually. Sometimes you get it right. Sometimes you screw it up. When you do, you fix what you can and try to forget about what you can't. But you do the best you can. If that's not good enough for people, to hell with them. It's not their life. It's yours."

Unbeknownst to Haseo’s conscious mind, it was at the point, looking at Endrance all hunched up and unhappy, that his subconscious gathered up the bits of his childhood, applied them to the present, and firmly made the declaration that he would look out for Endrance from this moment forward. He might not like it. Endrance might not like it. But no matter how they felt about each other or how much they argued or how far apart they were in the world, he was going to do whatever he could protect him.
Feb. 16th, 2008 05:00 pm (UTC)
When Endrance turned from carefully setting down Haseo's bag in the shade of the tree, he found the younger boy making a very disturbing face at him. He almost jumped, thinking at first it was a snarl of some kind. But when no snarky remark came, Endrance decided to act as though he had not seen it. Perhaps it was an unconscious expression of some sort? The face he made when thinking about how much he hated his parents?

Instead, Endrance turned and gestured for Haseo to sit down. Then he did so himself, carefully arranging his skirts and making an odd face of his own as he attempted to sit without the chastity belt clanking or crushing/pinching him in uncomfortable places. He hated it already, and he had not even been wearing it a day.

Endrance gazed at his companion in wonder as Haseo gave his little pep talk. When he was finished, Endrance looked away, thinking over the words. "I suppose...it is," he said slowly. Endrance had never really considered his life his own. If he had, he would likely have objected more to many of the things his parents had forced him to do.

At first, he had lived for his father. Then, after he'd been locked away, for his cat. Now, being robbed of both, Endrance felt at loose ends, without purpose. Who was there to live for now? Could he really go on, living just for himself? Endrance hated that idea. It sounded lonely and too selfish and pointless.

Or was there someone else after all? Endrance looked back at Haseo, feeling as though he were falling into the slow grip of an emotion he could not quite describe. It felt almost like dread, but so much better. "Haseo." Endrance spoke the name carefully this time, pondering the weight of it on his tongue. "You...do not have to marry me, if you do not want to." Why was he saying this? Endrance shocked himself. He had intended to say no such thing. Once more, it was as if some hidden instinct were using his mouth. Or perhaps it was just Haseo's speech about free will and doing your best that had moved him to release the younger boy from his bonds.

"I...know..." He nearly said he would not blame Haseo for not wanting to marry him after the way Endrance had treated him all these years, but that was dangerous territory, and came with apologies and assurances of affection. Endrance steered wildly away from it. "It...was our parents' decision...not yours."

He could not look at Haseo as he spoke. Endrance fixed his eyes on a curious sign across the street. "I..." Endrance swallowed, having to force the words past the lump in his throat. "I think you should do...what you wish to do."

And then, at last, he had to look back at Haseo, a bit of the fear of rejection he felt showing in his eyes, along with his habit of melancholy that had developed living in the high tower, and a true deep sincerity as he spoke the words, "I want you to be happy."
Feb. 16th, 2008 10:33 pm (UTC)
As he sat down, Haseo saw a strange look cross Endrance's face. No expert on expressions, he thought it might be discomfort. Or aggravation. Or irritation. Or any number of emotions indicating that he was not pleased about something. Haseo's immediate response was to bristle in defense. Endrance had invited him to sit down, hadn't he? If he hadn't wanted to be seen with him in public, he shouldn't have followed him out here and he certainly shouldn't have asked him to sit down with him!

About to point that out, Haseo caught sight of Endrance fiddling with his skirt and slowly relaxed. Maybe it wasn't him. Maybe it was the skirt. He had never worn a skirt himself. Could a skirt be uncomfortable? It seemed unlikely, but maybe the bench was hot and the skirt didn't provide enough protection. Haseo's brow furrowed in thought. If it wasn't enough protection against a bench, how in the hell was it going to protect Endrance at sea? What were his parents thinking, making him wear such a thing? And on a ship full of rowdy men! Hojo and Lucrecia fell even lower in Haseo's estimation, getting precariously closer to his own parents. Bastards, the lot of them.

Endrance was looking at him again. Endrance was looking at him an awful lot today. It was making him feel... Not nervous. Haseo didn't care enough about other peoples' opinions of him to be nervous around them, so it couldn't be that. It wasn't discomfort. It was actually rather pleasant not having to pretend that neither one of them saw the other. So it was...

Wait, what? Haseo blinked, running Endrance's words back through his mind. He knew about their parents' decision to marry them off? And he was still being civil to him? When they hadn't been engaged, Endrance had hated him! Now that they were, whatever problems Endrance had had with him were suddenly gone? And he was saying that they didn't have to get married?

Great! That's the end of that, then! Glad to be rid of one aspect of the entire frustrating situation, Haseo opened his mouth to say exactly that. But it is the curse of people everywhere not to want something until it is lost to them. And it seemed that the marriage to Endrance that Haseo had not wanted was not as firmly established as he had thought it to be. "I want you!"

The words slipped out on their own, delivered in the defensive, querulous tone Haseo tended to use every time he was about to put up a fight over something. He stared at Endrance in horrified disbelief, unable to comprehend how his mouth had betrayed him. Very faintly, he could feel the flush starting to creep its way over his face.

Rallying, Haseo reeled his gaping jaw back in and tried to salvage what he could of his dignity and pride. “To uh... be happy too,” he added lamely after too long a pause, hunching his shoulders in the vain hope of disappearing. “So um... Yeah. I understand, too. You know. If you’d rather not go through with it.”
Feb. 17th, 2008 12:57 am (UTC)
Before it happened, Endrance noticed Haseo gazing in the direction of his legs and became self-conscious. Were the tops of his stockings showing? He checked, smoothing the ruffles of his skirt. No, everything was in place just as it should be, from the poofy sleeves of his dress to the shiny patent leather of his shoes. What then? Had Haseo been...looking at his legs? Surely not. The scowl on his face soon after attested to that...didn't it? Why would Haseo be looking at his legs, much less scowling about them?

Haseo's sudden and angry? confession shocked Endrance to his very core. His head snapped around to stare at the younger boy, Endrance's eyebrows deciding to take a long vacation in his hairline. The fact Haseo's expression mirrored his own a moment later did not change what he had just said, and the passion behind the words as he'd spoken them.

Could it truly be? Endrance's brain stopped working moments after the words were out of Haseo's mouth. He froze in place as the declaration sunk in deeper and deeper, not even hearing the hurried cover-up Haseo attempted to make. Suddenly, Endrance wanted so many things. It was difficult to breathe around the feelings welling up inside him. And his chastity belt was becoming uncomfortable in a way he had never considered. But first and foremost, Endrance had to know if it was true. He felt he must be dreaming. This was even more surreal than when his father had told him to whom he was betrothed. It was far too good to be true. Endrance expected to wake up at any moment, weeping with disappointment at cold reality.

"...you do?" Endrance asked, breathless, unconsciously leaning toward Haseo as he awaited the younger boy's answer.
Feb. 17th, 2008 01:37 am (UTC)
It wasn't looking like Endrance was buying his pathetic attempt at glossing over what he'd said. The shocked expression on the man's face effectively dashed that hope to the ground. Mortified, Haseo sunk deeper into himself, trying to disappear into the bench, which unhelpfully did not supply the type of cover for which he was so desperately in need. Feelings of embarrassment usually led to anger. And right now, Haseo could have used the comfort of its familiarity. So where the hell was it?

It probably ran off with my damn sense, Haseo thought sourly, wishing he was wearing a hat. At least with a hat he could pull it down over his face and cover up the blush that was stubbornly refusing to go away.

He did what? The last few minutes had been jumbled into such a confusing and embarrassing mess that Haseo didn't know what Endrance was asking him about. Did he want Endrance to be happy? Yes. Did he understand if Endrance didn't want to get married? Yes. Did he want Endrance? No. Say no, damn it! "Yes."

Had he been sitting next to a wall, Haseo would have started beating his head against it. Clearly, the shock of his impending career and not-so-distant marriage had driven him insane. There was no other explanation for the uncooperative way his mouth was behaving. Shut up, shut up, shut up! Just stop talking! he yelled at himself furiously. You can't be trusted with talking! If he took a vow of silence, would it then be possible to shut the hell up? Would that make him unqualified for working on a ship? The more he thought about it, the more appealing the option not to talk anymore seemed.
Feb. 17th, 2008 02:12 am (UTC)
To say the blush on Haseo's cheeks was becoming would be selling it short. He looked positively adorable. Not that he needed to look any cuter after what he had just confessed--and confirmed to Endrance.

"Oh, Haseo!" Overcome with his feelings, Endrance could not contain himself any longer--in spite of the awful discomfort of the chastity belt. Leaning forward even further, he reached out and pulled Haseo to him, trapping the younger boy in a surprisingly strong embrace. Tipping them back further and further on the bench, Endrance attacked Haseo's lips with a fervor which would have made most question his inexperience.
Feb. 17th, 2008 03:20 am (UTC)
Previous experience with Endrance predicted that the longer this continued, the greater the likelihood of Haseo being the recipient of a scathing comment delivered in what he had dubbed Endrance's 'I'm so superior to you, it hurts to acknowledge your existence' voice, setting off a verbal battle that would degenerate into utter nastiness before one of them walked away. At the rate he was going, Haseo expected one of those remarks any minute now. And although it would preserve some small scrap of his dignity, Haseo didn't really want to go back to that.

So he was grossly unprepared for the enthusiasm with which Endrance embraced him and upset his balance. Flailing, Haseo managed to grab hold of Endrance’s arms before he tipped over. The startled exclamation forming on his lips was abruptly cut off, muffled into an unintelligible squawk, by something that took his overloaded brain far too many seconds to realize were Endrance's lips.

An unfriendly person, Haseo had never engaged in any of the tentative relationships his peers were so preoccupied with when he was growing up. He had lacked the patience to feign interest in the petty concerns of either gender, and he hadn't been very attracted to them. This was due in almost equal parts to his contempt for their stupidity and the mental scarring he had received at the hands of his parents on the topic of sex.

In what was probably a well-meaning attempt to encourage their son to act more like normal teenagers, his mother and father had cornered him, each one choosing a time when his guard was down, and delivered what they had obviously thought was useful advice. His mother's lecture, liberally sprinkled with what he had fervently hoped were only analogies, had left him feeling perplexed and disoriented. He was not a stupid child, and by the age of nine had learned about sex from eavesdropping on the older children. Reconciling a long list of animals, some quite exotic, and foodstuffs he had only ever associated with eating with the actions and body parts of humans was a terrifying ordeal he had not wanted to endure. His father, on the other hand, had tried to "relate" to him, which might have worked had he been slightly older, a lot less mature, drunk, and living twenty years ago. Since he had been none of those things, it had been a horribly embarrassing three hours, and to this day he still had trouble acknowledging that women’s bodies continued down past their collarbone.

Having never kissed anyone before, Haseo had no idea what to do. He was tempted to shove Endrance off of him, but Endrance was taller, surprisingly strong, had better leverage, and really wasn't doing anything all that unpleasant. Endrance seemed to know what he was doing, an observation that would later cause Haseo some mixed feelings, and pride, battered as it was, demanded that he at least try to pretend he wasn’t totally naïve.

The shock was wearing off, and very tentatively, still not quite believing he was in the position to be doing any of this, Haseo responded, lips moving slowly against Endrance's. He hadn't wanted to be kissed, but damn it, if it was going to happen, he wasn’t going to just sit there like an idiot.
Feb. 17th, 2008 05:20 am (UTC)
Having waited by the docks for his recruit, Kuhn began to grow restless after an hour or so had passed and the kid was nowhere to be found. Kuhn was a patient person and there were certainly enough women in the area to entertain himself with, at least for a little while, but there were times when even he had to draw the line. And so, armed with only a name and a vague description, Kuhn set off into ScurvyTown to look for 'Haseo'... and a decent plate of food. He'd overslept this morning, and hadn't eaten in his rush to get to the docks. After all, he'd stayed up a little too late last night, and his date was more of a party animal than he had thought.

As Kuhn walked farther into town, he couldn't help but wonder--just what was he going to say to this kid? Kuhn was a little miffed at the fact that he'd been stood up, yes--not even the most hesitant of women had done that to him--but he couldn't help but feel a little sorry for the kid, too. After all, he could relate to cold feet. Some people weren't as eager as others to get out off this island and out into the wide yonder. Even Kuhn could admit to being nervous before he'd set sail for the first time. He didn't make his captain go after him the day they were supposed to meet, but... well, to each his own.

Maybe the kid heard something bad about Kuhn? Hmm, but what? Kuhn had to admit that he looked a little different for a pirate--his piercings were normal, though his face tattoos might look a little strange to others. Many pirates didn't approve of his choice in colors either, or thought his gear was odd, but... well, it was comfortable, and moved well enough.

He sighed, shaking his head to clear his thoughts. Thinking about those sorts of things wouldn't do much of anything to help find the guy, so--

Kuhn's eyes caught a couple on a bench near Cid's Tavern (whose name he avoided saying as often as he could--it was a bit too crude to say, for the company he enjoyed keeping), and he allowed himself a small glance. A large woman was kissing a boy whose size differed greatly from her own, though... Kuhn wouldn't exactly call it kissing. The whole display was really rather quite amusing, and the kid looked as though he were trying to chew on his partner's face (though he couldn't tell if the kid were willing or not).

While Kuhn was all for love, he wasn't one for forcing it on others. They'd probably thank him later, anyway--the two looked absolutely ridiculous. They could practice all they wanted later, but... park benches weren't really the best place for that.

He neared the park bench, taking a closer look at the boy who was nearly flailing--silver hair, dark clothes... Was it him?

Well, it was worth a shot...

"I, uh," Kuhn said, clearing his throat and smiling as best he could. "I hate to interrupt, but... I'm looking for a guy that goes by the name of 'Haseo Skeith'...?"
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Feb. 17th, 2008 02:15 pm (UTC)
In later years, when the sting of humiliation had long since faded, Haseo would look back on the Most Embarrassing Day of My Life with amused affection. He would not be as quick to anger then, though still just as disagreeable, and he would be able to laugh at himself more. It was a story that would get trotted out at parties and other social events; because he would go voluntarily to spend time with people he no longer avoided calling friends. Someone would mention it, attempt to tell it to those who had not heard it before or would enjoy hearing it again, fail to his or her satisfaction, and then insist that he tell it the way it "really happened." And he would. Complete with exaggerated pantomime and a smile that no longer came with difficulty. But those days were so far ahead of him that he could no more imagine they would come to exist than he could a world with more land and less sea.

Too preoccupied to hear the man's approach, Haseo did hear his name being spoken. His brain hadn't managed to catch up with the present, though, and he didn't register what exactly that meant or how it applied to him. Endrance apparently did, and pulled away from him so fast that Haseo toppled over. Righting himself, rubbing his elbow where it had connected too forcefully with the arm of the bench, Haseo shot Endrance a glare. What the hell was that about? What the hell was wrong with him? Endrance had kissed him, not the other way around. If he hadn't wanted to do it, he shouldn't have done it. No one had forced him!

Jumping to the wrong conclusion, Haseo finally felt the anger coming back. How stupid could he be, thinking that Endrance actually harbored even the smallest amount of affection for him? No, it had all been a ruse to make him look and feel like a fool. Well, it had worked and he wasn't going to fall for it again!

As he was about to launch into a tirade, an odd mixture of colors caught the corner of his eye and Haseo glanced over. Then he froze, tirade aborted, as the reality of the man standing in front of him mingled with the already half-forgotten memory of someone saying his name seconds ago. Who was he? How long had he been standing there? What did he want? How did he know who Haseo was? Was he stalking him? Was he the reason Endrance had thrown him aside so quickly? Did they know each other?

Confused, embarrassed, angry, and nursing hurt pride and equally hurt feelings, Haseo scowled at the stranger. The fact that he knew that his face was bright red, making him look that much more ridiculous, only made him angrier. His eyes narrowed.

“Who the hell are you?”
Feb. 17th, 2008 07:41 pm (UTC)
To say that Kuhn surprised when the woman went from kissing to zero in less than a second was an understatement. He took a startled step back, eyeing the two as the obligatory blushes came and the confusion of the younger boy became more apparent. Ah, youth...

W-Wait, what was he saying?! Kuhn was still in his prime!

Kuhn waited patiently for the boy to notice his presence, flicking a few glances at his blue-haired partner to try and make eye contact. He wasn't one for taking women that weren't his, but throwing an apologetic glance in her direction was the least he could do...

"Who the hell are you?"

Kuhn smiled, shifting his weight as he put a hand casually on his hip.

"People call me Kuhn," he said, winking despite the hostility that was a little more than obvious. He was used to dealing with short tempers, after all... just keep your cool... "I'm a captain out on the docks--I was supposed to meet a swordsman of mine today, but I'm afraid I've been stood up, so I was lookin' for him."
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Feb. 17th, 2008 11:58 pm (UTC)
Although he was often oblivious to the world around him, Haseo did not miss the way the stranger kept glancing at Endrance. In less tense circumstances, he would not have reacted; so long as it didn't interfere with him, people could do whatever they damn well pleased. But now, with his composure shot to hell and his inability to read the subtext in those glances, he bristled.

Haseo still wasn't entirely convinced that it wasn't inexperience that had driven Endrance away, but it was obvious that the stranger also had something to do with it. Already angry, he just didn't know if he ought to be jealous as well. A sideways glance at Endrance was no help at all. Was Endrance just feeling the same embarrassment Haseo was? Or did those looks of the stranger mean something? To be on the safe side, Haseo opted for jealousy. It made him angrier, which was good, and if there wasn't any reason for it, it would be easy to get over it.

Turning his attention back to the stranger, Haseo was surprised to see him smile at him. Normal people responded to Haseo in a rage by beating a hasty retreat or getting belligerent. So why was this guy smiling? It didn't look like a haughty smile of triumph, but looks could be deceiving. Either he was secretly enjoying making Haseo jealous, or he was one of those perpetually cheerful, happy people that pissed Haseo off just by virtue of their existence.

Then he winked and introduced himself as the captain to whom the old bastard had signed him away. The captain to whom he had not immediately reported. The captain who had left his ship and whatever more important things he had undoubtedly been doing to search the town for his absent crewman. A more respectful, socially conscious individual would have started apologizing profusely for causing the captain such an inconvenience. Haseo's scowl just got darker. What the hell was that wink for?

The weight of another hand settling over his own made Haseo break off the glare he was leveling at his new captain and glance down. Endrance. Hadn't he been rejected again? Or not? Seemingly of its own volition, the hand relaxed, fingers uncurling from a fist as the tension bleed out and twitching to brush up against Endrance's own in acknowledgement. This was going to need straightening out, but that wasn’t going to happen with Kuhn standing there.

Haseo looked back up at Kuhn and frowned. "The old bastard didn't tell me where I was supposed to go," he said sullenly. "Or who he signed me on with."
Feb. 18th, 2008 01:33 am (UTC)
Kuhn's smile became a little sheepish when the boy (who he could assume was Haseo, just from their reactions) gave Kuhn a look that could have killed him, were it a dagger. This kid was just a bundle of sunshine, wasn't he? It would make sailing a little more difficult, that was sure. He probably wasn't one for being a team player, either. Crankiness and a lone wolf mentality wasn't the best combination for a sailor; one could only hope he'd learn... and soon.

Still, not even the scowl on the kid's face was enough to chase off Kuhn--he'd encountered many more frightening things on his journeys, after all--and his smile remained as he listened to the boy's excuse for his absence. 'Old bastard', huh? Must be his father. Kuhn couldn't relate to the angry sentiment most kids felt for their parents--he couldn't have imagined any better parents than his own. Kuhn's father would probably cry if he ever heard him call his old man an 'old bastard'.

Although, he thought, the corner of his mouth twitching as he fought an amused snort. It might be fun to try that one day. When he was feeling particularly ornery... which wasn't all that often.

"Ah, I see," he said, nodding. Behind him, his giant ponytail bobbled, as though it had a mind of it's own. "That does present a bit of a problem, doesn't it?" Kuhn brought his other hand to his hip. "But if you're Haseo, then I'm the guy you're looking for."

Kuhn brought a gloved hand to the back of his head, rubbing it in slight embarrassment as he continued. "Sorry to interrupt things with your lovely girlfriend here, but you were a few hours late, and... well, I was worried something might have happened."

He was hungry, too. But he'd leave that out. Maybe Haseo would stop throwing him such nasty looks if he made him feel a little bad for waiting.
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Feb. 18th, 2008 04:34 am (UTC)
If Kuhn was hoping for sympathy for the hours he had lost waiting for Haseo to show up, he'd come to the wrong place. Haseo had trouble doing sympathy on his good days. On a day that was getting worse by the second, when he had been thrown out of the house to get a job, and his employer was showing signs of having designs on his fiancé, who was sending him horribly complex messages, sympathy was the last thing on Haseo’s mind.

He considered lying about his identity. Kuhn seemed to be asking for confirmation, as if he wasn’t quite certain Haseo was who he thought he was. But he did have enough of a description to come looking for him. So would lying get him out of this? Or would it only lead to getting stuck with the worst job on the ship? The risk was too great to take.

“Yeah, I’m Haseo,” Haseo grudgingly admitted under his breath. Maybe Kuhn wouldn’t have heard him. Then it wouldn’t be Haseo’s fault if he went away without him.

Haseo did take a small measure of comfort in the fact that Endrance was now twining their fingers together. That meant he wasn’t falling for Kuhn’s significant glances, right? That there was nothing untoward going on between them? He hoped so, though he knew his track record for recognizing social cues was pretty abysmal.

Spending time with Endrance during his formative years had been a double-edged sword for Haseo. On the one hand, it had granted him the ability to accept people at face value, no matter how they might dress, act, or look. On the other hand, it had thoroughly destroyed his ability to trust and relate to people, thereby effectively nullifying an attribute that could have made him into a surprisingly decent person.

So when Kuhn made reference to his “girlfriend,” Haseo simply stared at him in wide-eyed perplexity. Girlfriend? What girlfriend? Had the old bastard made up some crazy story about his having a girlfriend? He glanced at Endrance to see if he had any idea what Kuhn was talking about and blinked. Oh. He thought Endrance was a woman! Haseo would have laughed at the mistake but for Kuhn's unfortunate use of the descriptive term "lovely." Already suspicious of his intentions toward Endrance due to all of the not-so-subtle glances, Kuhn’s spoken acknowledgment of Endrance’s beauty confirmed Haseo’s misgivings. Kuhn was interested in Endrance and bold enough to flirt with him right in front of Haseo!

Haseo was just about to heap verbal abuse onto Kuhn the likes of which the captain had never before experienced, career be damned, when Endrance stood up and took the words – the first, most inoffensive ones – right out of his mouth.

So there, you fiance stealing bastard, Haseo thought vindictively.
Feb. 18th, 2008 06:19 am (UTC)
Though Kuhn had to struggle to hear it, he heard the muttered admittance from the boy--not that he couldn't guess from what the kid had said before that he was Haseo. Kuhn may be a nice guy, but he certainly wasn't that dumb.

"Ah, good! That makes my life a bit easier, then," Kuhn said in response, nodding enthusiastically. "I was actually on my way out for a bite..." His eyes fell on the suitcase that rested at their feet. "Did you need help with that suitcase? The port isn't too far from here."

To say that Kuhn was surprised at the girlfriend's reaction to what was supposed to be a complement was a bit of an understatement. However, he was even more surprised at the fact that the girlfriend... was not, in fact, his girlfriend. The voice was too deep, and now that the figure was standing, not even a flat-chested woman could possess a build like that. Just how tall was this guy, anyway?!

Kuhn smiled sheepishly, bringing his hands to his front and waving them in apology.

"A-Ah, my mistake," he said, though it was curious that Haseo's partner chose to berate him more on their relationship's status then his gender. Not that he was against that sort of thing--if that was his thing, more power to him--but... it was odd, to say the least. "You two are gonna get married, huh? W-Well, congratulations!" He brought his hands back to his hips, attempting to keep a smile. "I'm sorry to be stealing him from you at such an important time in your lives, but..." He chuckled sheepishly, intimidated. "Well, the horizon awaits...!"
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Feb. 18th, 2008 07:04 pm (UTC)
"What? Right now?" Haseo blurted out in astonishment.

Yes, the old bastard had sent him out today to present himself to his employer today so that he could start his job today. Yes, Kuhn had come to find him, presumably so that he could put him to work right away. But all of this had become secondary the moment Haseo had started to see hints, however vague and uncertain they might be, that Endrance might not actually hate him. It was too soon to tell and he knew that he might be misinterpreting the signals Endrance was sending him, if in fact he was consciously sending them. He couldn't just pack up and leave now!

How long were ship voyages? Weeks? Months? Years? Haseo didn't know. His sense of geography was hazy from years spent happily of ignoring his tutors, but it didn't take a genius to understand the world's ratio of land to water. The world was a huge place and the island so tiny. What if they got lost? What if Endrance's ship got lost? It was being captained by a child, for the sake of all the gods!

He couldn't leave with all of these variables conspiring against him. Not until he knew what the hell was going on. Not until he had a chance to talk to Endrance! Really talk to him. Figure this whole thing out. He simply could not get on that ship right now and sail away.

Endrance volunteering to carry his bag snapped him out of his mounting panic. "You don't have to do that. I can carry it," Haseo told him, feeling put out on Endrance's behalf. He might be engaged to him, but Endrance wasn't Haseo's servant. And hadn't he been ill earlier? What if it made him feel worse? No. Haseo would carry the bag.

"But I’d still like you to come with me," he said quietly, reaching out to lightly touch Endrance’s arm. He felt awkward, opening himself up like this to anyone, especially with a veritable stranger standing there watching him, but time was running out and he couldn't find a viable alternative. Maybe on the way to the port he would find the opportunity to speak with Endrance. Maybe a tidal wave would hit the island. There weren't any storm clouds in the sky, but it could happen, storms came up quickly. Or a shark attack. That would cause a panic, wouldn't it? Kuhn might need to help out, and then they could escape in the confusion.

"If it's waited this long, I don't see why it can't wait a little longer," Haseo grumbled rebelliously under his breath as he slowly stood up.

He glanced at Endrance again, and though he couldn't read his expression very well, Haseo thought he looked unhappy. Not knowing what else to do, he had no experience comforting others and he lacked the insight that would have suggested giving it a go anyway, Haseo stepped a little closer to him. He might not be able to do comfort, but he could do protection. And maybe it wasn't necessary in the town, but since it was all he could do, Haseo was going to protect him until Kuhn's ship took him away.
Feb. 18th, 2008 08:22 pm (UTC)
Kuhn held back a chuckle at Haseo's sudden response--so it had been cold feet. He could see why, with such a diligent fiance, Haseo would be hesitant to take off.

"We're not casting off right now, if that's what you mean," Kuhn said, his temper flickering to life for a small moment at the muttered comment from Haseo. He folded his arms over his brightly-colored chest, as though it helped him bite back his small flash of irritation, and continued. "But I thought you might like to get settled in as soon as possible. It always makes leaving a little easier."

He tilted his head, allowing a small smile to return to his lips. "Your fiance is welcome on board, of course. I'm a little short of hands, myself--I was actually going to have a word with Captain Edward about it."

Kuhn unfolded his arms, tapping his fist into his other hand as he was struck with a realization. "That reminds me--you haven't seen her, have you?"
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Feb. 18th, 2008 10:13 pm (UTC)
Unlike his younger brother, who pretended to be the perfect son when their parents were around and reverted to a wild, uncontrollable brat when they were absent, Haseo had never broken into the old bastard’s alcohol supply. This was not due to respect for the man’s property and rules, but rather because it required more effort than Haseo was willing to expend. Looking up at Endrance, who was looking at him with an intensity Haseo could not remember ever experiencing, made him feel what he thought must be what drunk felt like. The world went all hazy and wobbly, his head detached and floated somewhere above the rest of his body, and his stomach felt like it was filled with birds, all flying around and trying to get out at the same time. He could easily drown in Endrance’s eyes, and probably would have had he not looked away at something Kuhn said. The world firmed up, Haseo’s body sorted itself back into a semblance of functionality, and thought resumed.

Ah ha! So Mr. Sunshine wasn't all sunshine all that time! Strange though it might have seemed, Kuhn's small show of temper put Haseo more at ease with him. Haseo knew where he stood with angry people. It was the cheerful ones he didn't how to deal with and couldn't predict.

Being told that they were not yet leaving the island helped matters immensely. As did learning that Endrance would be welcome on Kuhn’s ship. The momentary lull in Hurricane Haseo passed quickly, however, when his selective hearing glossed over the bit about Kuhn being short on hands - he seemed to have two perfectly functional ones already, how many more did he need? – and focused on the bit about speaking to Edward, which translated into Haseo’s language as asking permission for Endrance to come on board. Redirected from Kuhn, Haseo’s indignant anger settled on Edward.

How dare she demand that Endrance get her permission to do what he pleased? He might work for her, but he wasn’t her slave! Clearly Haseo was going to need to talk with her. Working was one thing. Groveling for permission to move about the city and potentially visit his fiancé was something else altogether. Since the object of his ire was not present to receive his glare, Haseo looked off into the distance where he thought the grunty’s Barbeque was located, scowling. Oh yes. They were definitely going to have a talk.

Haseo did manage to hear Kuhn’s question and turned back to look at him. “Little girl with a dog named the Amazing Ein, right? Yeah, she’s at the grunty’s Barbeque. Over there.” He waved a hand at what he thought was the right direction, managing to indicate that it was north, south, east, west, under the ground, and floating above his head. Paying attention to directions was another one of those things that happened to everyone else.
Feb. 18th, 2008 10:55 pm (UTC)
Kuhn attempted, with some amusement, to follow the hand as it gesticulated to what he could only guess was the direction of Death Grunty's barbecue. Granted, he knew this town well enough to know where it was, but simply trying to fathom how he was going to follow a direction like that if he weren't would be quite a challenge.

And with that realization, he made a quick note to himself never to make Haseo a navigator. He much preferred to have a slight idea as to where they were when they were floating out in the middle of the ocean.

Pushing that thought aside, he nodded quickly in thanks.

"Ah, yeah, I know the place," he said. He quickly jabbed a thumb in the direction of Death Grunty's place as he continued. "Have the two of you eaten yet? I was going to get a bite to eat, myself."
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Feb. 19th, 2008 12:26 am (UTC)
Haseo perked up further at the mention of food. He still hadn't eaten since the night before and his unsettled stomach was organizing a protest. Capable of being irritable like normal people and not afraid to offer food, Kuhn was rising in Haseo's estimation. Maybe working for him wouldn’t be so bad after all.

“No,” Haseo answered, feeling more talkative now that he might be getting some food out of the bargain. “I’m starving.” He looked up at Endrance. “Are you- Endrance!”

Caught off-guard by Endrance fainting, Haseo still managed leap forward in time to catch him before he fell. What the hell had just happened? Was it the sun? Was it something else? When was the last time he’d eaten?

“Endrance! Wake up!” Haseo called urgently, now understanding Kuhn’s earlier statement about needing more hands as he stood there helplessly, unable to do anything more than hold him. What if it wasn’t just a faint? What if he was seriously ill? Was he even breathing?

Panicking now, Haseo looked at Kuhn. “He needs help! I don’t know what to do!”
Feb. 19th, 2008 01:41 am (UTC)
Kuhn saw that Endrance had become considerably more pale when the whimper had escaped the other's throat, but he was so shocked when the other suddenly fainted that he couldn't bring himself to react in time. Thankfully, Haseo's reflexes were good enough that the boy could catch the other before he hit the ground.

Unfortunately, it seemed that all Haseo was good for in this situation were his reflexes. The boy glanced up at his captain, eyes wide as he asked for help. Kuhn took a step forward, placing a hand on the other's shoulder.

"It's okay," he said, trying to calm Haseo. "It's probably been a rough day--let's get him out of the sun."

His eyes skimmed the area for a moment before landing on the bench the two were seated at before Kuhn had interrupted them--that looked like a good enough place. Without a moment's hesitation (or a thought as to whether or not his actions could be misinterpreted), he scooped Endrance out of the other's grasp and made his way to the bench, setting the unconscious man down atop it when he was close enough.

He squatted beside Endrance, patting himself down--he knew that hanky Mary gave him was here somewhere--and finding what he was looking for in his pocket. Now armed with a handkerchief, Kuhn grabbed a small canteen that dangled from his belt and dumped a fair amount of water onto it, squeezing out the excess so he wouldn't splash Endrance needlessly. He didn't look the type to appreciate it.

Kuhn placed the hanky on the other's forehead, leaning back on his heels as he glanced around for Haseo.

"If he doesn't come around in a few minutes, we can run and get some help from the clinic."
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Feb. 19th, 2008 02:51 am (UTC)
Somehow, when Haseo had envisioned Kuhn helping, none of the possible scenarios involved manhandling Endrance and taking him away. Granted, Haseo wasn’t much of a help at the moment, but there were half a dozen perfectly good reasons for that, beginning and ending with the emotional wringer he’d begun going through this morning and was presently still stuck in. He didn’t want to be standing there like a helpless idiot while another guy played the hero with his fiancé.

Watching Kuhn, Haseo knew that that was exactly what was happening. When Endrance woke up, he wouldn’t see Haseo kneeling there in concern. Oh no. He’d see Kuhn. Taller, older, jewelry wearing, tattooed, pirate captain Kuhn. Like some kind of big-haired character from those novels his flaky mother liked to read. All smiles, sunshine, and concern. Haseo clenched his teeth in frustrated anger, glaring at Kuhn’s back, fully conscious of the fact that his short, scrawny, not-the-least-bit-heroic grumpiness did not compare in the slightest.

And what the hell was Kuhn doing? Haseo couldn’t see around all the hair, but unless he was imagining it, there was far more leg showing than there should be. He had only the barest grasp of first aid, enough to know to staunch bleeding when it occurred and put on a bandage, but Haseo was pretty damn sure lifting up Endrance’s skirt was not going to help.

“You go to the clinic. I’m staying here,” Haseo growled, not fooled by Kuhn’s suggestion and wanting to make it clear that he was not going to just step aside so that Kuhn could breeze on in and steal Endrance away from him. Oh, if Endrance preferred Kuhn, that was one thing. Haseo could accept Endrance choosing someone else. But he wasn’t going to make it easy for Kuhn to woo him away.

Faintly, he could hear Endrance’s voice. He was too far away and there was too much hair between them to make out what he said, but it sounded like he was waking up. Temporarily pushing his rivalry with Kuhn aside so that he could get closer, Haseo peered over Kuhn’s shoulder, quickly glancing over Endrance to make sure that all of Kuhn’s hands were accounted for. Lucky for Kuhn, they were.

“Endrance?” Haseo inquired quietly.
Feb. 19th, 2008 03:08 am (UTC)
Kuhn ignored Haseo's comment about the clinic, taking the rather snappish attitude that came along with it as more 'concern' than 'jealousy'. Honestly, Kuhn was good, but was he really good enough to steal a fiance from a kid quite a few years younger than him? They were giving him quite a bit of credit, and while his ego didn't mind in the slightest...

His thoughts were interrupted when he heard Endrance gasp as he awoke. Kuhn tensed, ready to steady him if he were to shoot up unexpectedly, but thankfully, Endrance remained still. Kuhn rested his hands on his knees to balance himself as the other came to his senses.

"You okay?" Kuhn said, pushing himself up into a standing position. He noticed Haseo peeking around to try and get a look at his fiance's state of being, and took a step to the side. "You fainted--have you eaten lately? Had anything to drink?"

Anything more complicated than that, and Kuhn couldn't be of much help. Dizziness from hunger and heat exhaustion (though it wasn't that hot, but he'd never worn a dress before, safe to say) were as far as his medical knowledge went.
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